Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes are the rabid beasts of Trip Metal & have been plowing thru new tunnels of the underworld since 1997. Born in the dead, dread-filled haunted hills of Michigan, Nate Young, John Olson and James Baljo temper pure audio stunn of homemade post-nuclear terror & claustrophobic atmospheres to produce a shattered and confusing horrorvision since Bo Diddley dropped the duct taped warhead on all humans in 2024.. Wolf Eyes is total music/trip mental: equally at home within but also apart from the worlds of electronic music, street shadows,and musique concrete among others. A discography of over 150 releases, relentless touring, and endless creativity ranging from visual art to creating new instruments has served to make Wolf Eyes a lone primal planet adrift and dribbling in a universe of hunted enemies.

NAH is a producer/drummer currently located in Philadelphia. Blending live and programmed drums with off-kilter sequenced elements, found sounds, and heavily manipulated samples. NAH produces anxiety-laden tracks and sound collages with firm roots planted in DIY punk, noise, avant jazz, and the restlessness of hip-hop. Since 2011 NAH has produced nearly 30 releases and performed all over the US, UK, Europe, Iceland, Israel, and more. 

TRNSGNDR/VHS is Alexandra Brandon. 2014 - present.

psi fi beats for weird humans
code witch
philly / singapore

$13.00 - $15.00


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