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Solemn Shapes

Solemn Shapes is a North American Electronic band based in Charlotte, NC whose music ranges from dark Electronica to the Industrial and Experimental genres. The band performs their live blend of Electronic music with an arsenal of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines to create dark distorted beats, vocal/sample effects and warped synth tones which evoke a haunting, psychedelic vibe. Solemn Shapes is currently in the studio finishing tracks for the self-titled debut album to be released in 2017.

No More People

Walking the line between the thunderous storm of heavy metal and the rainy dark alley on a Midnight Wednesday, No More People is here to grab you with a musical intensity dripping in sweat and adrenaline. No More People is a rock band at heart and their goal is to strike as many nerves as possible with their music. No More People's musical approach is a bloodthirsty whirlwind of metal, industrial and post punk with a sweet tooth for some candy coated poisonous pop, psychedelic trips and some bumpin' hip hop. A bloodshot-eyed voyage through the kaleidoscope of musical darkness. It's a darkness that isn't all haunted and tortured, but sometimes the after-hours shade of your desires. That no-good urge for a little somethin', that lust for a special someone or just beating your chest in your cockiness - you can't deny you've acted out these feelings as a person and these are just a few of the emotions burning the fire of No More People's music. If you are reading this, you are invited to take No More People's music for a spin. Enjoy the ride!

Stray Cat Sideshow

Classic sideshow acts with a modern twist.

$5.00 - $7.00


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