Silveeo, Chelsea Sue Allen, Josh Hines


Chelsea Sue Allen

"In a little more than a year, Allen has established herself as a fresh new voice on the music scene. Her self-produced debut album “Tiny Prizes,” released in December, is a true revelation. The 11 songs straddle numerous genres while immersing the listener in a lush, moody atmosphere, while Allen’s narrative lyrics paint ambient landscapes in songs that often eschew the traditional musical conventions of rhyme and cadence. Instead, Allen and her music take their time to properly tell their stories to their conclusion. The result is a sound that is as distinctive as it is captivating."
Montgomery Media

"You could label the delicate, dreamy songs of
multi-instrumentalist Chelsea Sue Allen "chamber pop" and you wouldn't be wrong, exactly. But there's far more to the Downington singer-songwriter's method, as shown on her sensational new album, Tiny Prizes."

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