Victoria Bailey, Elijah Peters, Parc Crecelius, Ruben Rivera, Rob Leines

Victoria Bailey

Elijah Peters

When the boys can't make it...sometimes you just gotta One-Man-Band-It....If only one drags in then you Two-Man-Band- It.....if you wind up with a third I don't know what you'd call that....just don't expect much playin' to be goin' on.
-Thanks for droppin' by.

Ruben Rivera

Rob Leines' music originated in the Southeast within the Appalachian Mountains. With the influence of Country, Rock and Roll, and Blues, his unique Americana sound was born on the hills of Tennessee. Soon after Rob toured in 2012 throughout the Southeast, he expanded his music to the West. While welding and metal working for the oil and gas industry along the pacific coast, Rob's music took on a more raw and gritty side. The blue collar lifestyle and southern roots make for a genuine representation of the American songwriter through his "Foot Stompin' Music". Rob Leines is currently based in Los Angeles, and just finished tracking his upcoming full album "Drive On".



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