Monday Night Residency - Tashaki Miyaki

Tashaki Miyaki

"Menace and mystery surround this female Jesus and Mary Chain, whose vocals cut like honey-coated razor blades" - The Guardian

"Tashaki Miyaki has a sound to them that is both very old and new at the same time, with a haunting beauty that fascinates me. Listening to their music brings to mind something of a mix of David Lynch and the Cowboy Junkies, but not because of a comparable look or style, but because of the emotional resonance of their unique sound." - CBS News

" pretty I'm afraid saying anything else might diminish it." - FADER

" [Tashaki Miyaki] are being touted as the female Jesus and Mary Chain thanks to dreamy songs like "Somethin' is Better Than Nothin,'" and we're not about to argue." - NYLON magazine

" It has that heavy, heavy, sullen feeling at the start.. and once the sullen vocals kick in I'm totally won over, every single time." - NME

Lael Neale's music rests on the darker edges of folk. Though her voice warbles with vulnerability, her delivery is stoic and sometimes irreverent. The carefully crafted verses are melancholy, but laced with subtle humor. There is reassurance in the sadness, nothing more than wanting the undertow to pull you back into the water. To feel something, anything, as long as it's strong.

"[Lael's] emotionally-charged performance creates a hushed reverence" - Phil Lang,

"Neale writes deep and soul-baring folk music that has earned her appropriate comparisons to Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten with a hazy vocal quality that brings to mind Hope Sandoval." - Utne Magazine

"[Lael's] melodies are indelible, and her vocals are really interesting - they are light but on top of the melody: there are no jazz inflections, but there is something jazz about them [her voice] digs it's fingers in and punishes as it seduces" - Iman Lababedi, Rock NYC

"...there's a vulnerability to Neale's voice that sucks us in to the dark side without us even knowing it." - Culture Collide

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