Condemned, Embalmer, Stages Of Decomposition, Enemy Mind, Ground, Hammer Fight, Forced Asphyxiation, Ritual Kannabis, Splitwig, EMBLUDGEONMENT, Buzzherd, Triple Cripple, Blasphemous


Brutal death metal from San Diego, California.


Gore drenched sickness from the disease infested southern shores of Lake Erie.

Stages Of Decomposition

Los Angels Brutal Slamming Death Metal.

Enemy Mind

Hammer Fight

Spawned from a New Jersey scene saturated with death metal and hardcore, Hammer Fight brings a sound that many kids these days may have missed; Hard Rockin' Metal. Versatile enough to share the stage with the most extreme death metal acts to classic hard rock bands and everything in between. Hammer Fight is here to kick some ass! Keep your eyes and ears open, they'll be in your town soon.


5 Piece Slam/Tech Death Metal band fronted by Andrew DeRosier whom appeared on (MTV's True Life-I have a Foot Fetish).

Featuring ex-members of Sapremia, Kyndread, Improper Burial, and Dead Walk The Earth. SPLITWIG is a direct, no bullshit death metal assault with proper balance of technicality and groove, sure to make a fan of the style want to fish hook a toddler. Big things coming, STAY TUNED....and hide your mothers


Heavy Thrash Sludge Metalllll. Bethlehem, PA

Triple Cripple


Formed in 2003, Blasphemous plays a mix of bistering Blackened Death Metal. Based in the Philadelphia PA area


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