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Internal Bleeding

The New York-based INTERNAL BLEEDING have been slugging it out in the underground since 1991. One of the pioneers of the New York death metal sound along with Suffocation and Pyrexia, they helped create the standard by which we judge all things heavy. Onward To Mecca, their new album, cements that legacy.

After the breakup of his original band Autumn Reign, guitarist Chris Pervelis went on to found the first INTERNAL BLEEDING lineup in early 1991.Thatwinter, a case of 300 blank tapes were "found" at a local university and provided the inspiration to set up a 4-track recorder and record the One DollarDemo. Shortly after that recording, INTERNAL BLEEDING started playing shows and managed to sell out of all of their tapes. In the winter of 1992, INTERNAL BLEEDING released their now classic Invocation of Evil demo, which went on to sell an impressive 5,000 copies through the now defunct WildRags Records. Soon, pressure started to come from Wild Rags, fans, and the band themselves, and INTERNAL BLEEDING returned to the studio torecord another demo in early 1994. The result of all that pressure was what is considered today to be a masterpiece of underground music: Perpetual Degradation. The band immediately hit the road with a vengeance, promoting themselves and their music shamelessly.

All that self-promotion and tireless dedication was to bear fruit at that year's Milwaukee Metalfest, where the band's captivating performance caught the eyes and ears of Pavement Music. They signed with Pavement and in 1995 released their debut album, Voracious Contempt. INTERNAL BLEEDING hit the road once again, this time around with world-renowned acts Immolation and Six Feet Under. Album sales were impressive, and the group kept busy throughout 1995 and 1996. By the time 1997 rolled around, constant touring and hard work had taken its toll on the band, while financial troubles plagued Pavement Music. It was during this time that the group's second album, The Extinction of Benevolence, was released. No tour followed, and INTERNAL BLEEDING fell into a rut of inactivity. In late 1998, they regrouped, refocused and began writing music that pushed their talents to the limit. Pavement Music picked up their finances, and 1999 saw the band in the studio recording Driven to Conquer with ace producer Brian Griffin.

The band decided to part ways with Pavement Music in 2000 due to lack of support and soon struck a deal with Olympic Recordings. A compilation of their early demos titled Alien Breed soon followed. The disc also included one brand new track that hinted at the future. Now featuring a revamped line-up, the group finally returns with the long-awaited follow-up to Driven To Conquer and expands on their already potent sound. Onward To Mecca sees the band finding even more groove and brutality than showcased on their previous efforts. Indeed, INTERNAL BLEEDING has created an album that is sure to transcend both the death and hardcore genres.

Originally slated for a late fall 2001 release and originally titled Hatefuel, Onward To Mecca was long hindered by contractual red tape. During Century Media's gradual acquisition of Olympic Recordings, the label struggled to release albums in a timely manner. Never content to just sit around and wait, Jerry Lowe (vocals), Frank Buffalino (guitar) and Matt Ferrara (guitar) found the time to form the NY-styled hardcore band PUNCHYOURFACE. It was beginning to be obvious that the next INTERNAL BLEEDING release would see more of a hardcore influence as the band prepared to re-enter the studio. Now, the delay has proven well worth the wait, and it isn't hard to hear why when listening to this album of state-of-the-art New York deathcore.

Armed with nothing more than an abundance of musical talent and a deep commitment to their musical ideals, INTERNAL BLEEDING has survived member changes, lawsuits, letdowns and heartaches. But unlike some of their peers, the band has never called it quits. Although only two original members remain, the band's unique vision of mixing the extremity of death metal with the groove and rhythm found in other forms of music (hardcore, traditional metal, funk, etc.) is still intact. Onward To Mecca--recorded at Full Force Studios (Suffocation, Catastrophic) in the spring of 2004--is sure to please fans of everything from Suffocation and Dying Fetus to newer deathcore bands like Glass Casket and Between The Buried And Me.


Thanatology es un proyecto musical de grind metálico forense. Integrado por médicos reales (los Drs. P. y B.) y cuentan con influencias de bandas tales como: general surgery, exhumed y napalm death entre otras. Formado desde el año del 99 que hasta la fecha cuentan con 3 discos oficiales.

Immortal Suffering

IMMORTAL SUFFERING formed in 1992 by Joe Provvisiero (Guitars/Vocals) & Woodstock R.R. (Drums) with only one goal to create brutal death metal. In 1993 Ray Lebron joined the band to play (Bass/Vocals) and also worked close with Joe to begin creating some of the earlier songs released on the first demo. In 1994 Dave Zatuchney (Guitar) joined the band and soon to follow Woodstock's replacement Rudy Lopez (drums). Together they release the second demo Eternal Damnation with rave reviews.
After ripping through the scene it was time to begin writing new songs, soon after Dave and the band decided to part ways mutually.

After a short time in the studio the music was ready but IMMORTAL SUFFERING still lacked a Bass player and Guitarist to complete the band. With only one option they started playing shows and too no surprise they started ripping through the scene looking for the missing pieces. Which in late 1996 after some abysmal tryouts Sasha Abayev happen to see the band play and was taken aback by how brutal and heavy the sound was with just one Guitarist, so without haste Sasha joined the band. In search of the final piece Leo Bakman was discovered and from there on the band was completed with only one intention to rip up the scene. And that they did quickly signing with Mortal Coil Records and releasing Images of Horror in 97.

With some extremely brutal shows and crazy stage props headed by Ralph, IMMORTAL SUFFERING’s popularity began to grow. Becoming known as the band with crushing brutal riffs and macabre of vocals their presence was large with fans, never knowing what the band would do next. From the baby on the stick, Goat Heads, Flying chop meat as baby brains and a six foot dummy impaled on an inverted cross the shows were an interactive experience.

Sadly in Jan 98 Joe decided he wanted to leave the band and everyone agreed without Joe the band would not continue. Everyone parted ways and started to do their own thing, Joe went on to play in several bands most notable ToeTag101. Ray went on to be front man for Internal Bleeding for several years before moving to Milwaukee and eventually playing in Darisam. Rudy and Ralph left the scene but still continued to listen and support Death Metal. Leo stayed in the scene and currently plays with many bands in different genres but most notable Grotesqueuphoria. Sasha went on to play in Deimos that eventually broke up leading him to a 3 year hideous before quitting Death Metal and joining a folk band to never be seen again.

After 15 years of slumber the giant finally awoke and the mighty IMMORTAL SUFFERING resurrected. Feb 2013 Joe, Ray, Rudy, Ralph, Leo and new bass player Dotz headed back to the studio to begin a new chapter. With all songs from Images Of Horror quickly put back together the band decided to begin practicing old favorites like Rotting Flesh and Bloody Head. But in typical fashion Joe had some new riffs, which led to some new songs as well. Later to release their new EP Asylum engineered by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio and released on Ossuary Industries.

Hate Diplomacy

Pink Mass


Corpse Hoarder

Corpse Hoarder is a death metal/grind band from the Philadelphia area. Formed in the fall of 2012, the original lineup consisted of Scruffo on vocals, Chris on guitar, Angelo on drums & Ken on bass. In March of 2013 Angelo left the band, but just 2 months later in May the guys found Armen to fill the void on drums. After a good run of shows in & out of the local area, they recorded & released a 2 song demo in April of 2014. In December of that year, CH parted ways with Ken & recruited Myke shortly after to resume bass duties. They recorded & put out the single "Release The Hounds" in April of 2015, and are currently working on their full-length album which should be out summer of 2016

Throne of Botis

Throne of Botis was formed from the ashes of Devouring Swarm and Caligula in early August of 2014. Throne of Botis released their self-titled debut demo on January 8th, 2015. Following the departure of Malachie and Brian, the Belligerents of Botis recruited local talents, Kevin Ansell, Alex Trotter and Adam Dietzel to complete the lineup that aims to deliver punishing slams, solid riffage, blistering blast beats and a hate filled message to be unleashed upon this Earth. Work began in November of 2015 to release two standalone EPs that are to be released later this year. (2016)

Chained to the Dead


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