Formed in 1969, BANG is a highly influential, early hard rock band that's often cited as helping to create the genre of heavy metal itself.

Weed Is Weed

"Green" influenced rock 'N roll from Maryland.

Green Meteor

Green Meteor is influenced by Black Holes, Time Travel, The Science Channel, Dune, 2001: A Space Odyssey, NASA, Hellraiser 4, Lunar Eclipses, Startalk Radio

Laura Lawless

A man named Chad in the former Philly band Jail, gave me my nick name. He said I was just like Blacky Lawless. I started out by guesting on my friends night at Tattooed Moms, and Lucky 13. I had a monthly DJ nights at the Dive called Primitive that moved to KFN and the Trestle Inn. I spin heavy vinyl jams within the realm of psych, glam, garage & metal.



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