Black Mourning Light Metal Festival 2017

One of the most prolific bands to ever come out of the Canadian Black Metal scene. With four full-length albums, two EP's and multiple international tours and festival appearances behind them, Canada's Revenge have for over a decade cultivated what is arguably one of the most confrontational sounds in the metal underground. Keeping an extremely low profile as far as engaging the public with interviews and social media, Revenge has instead utilized the word of mouth approach to build a large die hard following worldwide that continues to grow every year based on the strength of the bands Music, lone wolf attitude and insanely chaotic live performances. (As those who witnessed their extremely well received appearance at this years Maryland Death Fest can attest to.) The bands appearance at Noctis Fest will mark their first appearance in western Canada and only their second Canadian show ever in the bands 13 year existence. Not to be missed, Revenge walk alone above the weak enemy scum with absolute disregard for all who question their approach of undying intolerance for the swine known as mankind.

GRAVEHILL was spawned to bring back the olden way of Death Metal or as hipster rags read "NWOSDM", we make no apologies and give less of a shit about your opinions! Originally formed in 2001' as a three piece and within the same year recorded "The Practitioners of Fell Sorcery" demo. This demo began as a limited run cassette tape then later fell into the hands of The Funeral Agency in 2004'. As of 2011' this has been released on 12" Vinyl through A389 Records (, and as quickly as it began, the original line-up disbanded soon after the debut demo.

In 2006' GRAVEHILL reformed with original drummer & founder Rhett "THORGRIMM" Davis and Vocalist & Metal Maniacs Journalist Mike Abominator, "the brains and heart of the current GRAVEHILL." Over the course of 2007'-2009' GRAVEHILL released 2 CD's with ENUCLEATION Records… the "Metal of Death" / "The Advocation of Murder and Suicide" CD/EP and the "RITES OF THE PENTAGRAM" CD. Soon after the RotP CD release with ENUCLEATION Records, the label folded. Leaving both releases free they were later given to IBEX MOON Records ( for a combined release of "Metal of Death / Advocation & Rites of the Pentagram" CD's adding a live DVD to the package as well!

By the summer of 2010' GRAVEHILL toured the U.S., added a new guitarist Matt "Hellfiend" Harvey (EXHUMED, DEKAPITATOR, REPULSION) to the line-up and by 2011' played the 9th annual Maryland Death Fest supporting their sophomore record "When All Roads lead to Hell" CD with DARK DESCENT Records ( By the closing of 2011' a West Coast Tour with IMPIETY under their belts and later a CHAOS Records ( release of "WARLTH" on both black & bronze 12" vinyl.

2012' began with a line-up change, by adding 2 new full-time guitarists known only as CC DeKill and Hell Messiah to replace Matt Hellfiend & Bodybag Bob due to their momentous touring schedule for EXHUMED. These new guitarists will participate in the next full length record and all live commitments for GRAVEHILL here forward. GRAVEHILL's line up is rounded out by longtime bassist and riff-rapist J.T. Corpse.

2014 has found the Gravehill crew releasing their third full length album titled "Death Curse" through Dark Descent Records.

The death metal rampage continues forward with great momentum as more live shows, splits, and gruesome adventures await. KILL!! 666!!

Antichrist (Canada)

Antichrist were a cult Canadian band that played bestial/war metal in the vein of genre innovators Blasphemy. Their lone release, a full-length entitled Sacrament of Blood was recorded in 1994, but wasn't released until 2011 by NWN! Productions.

A five piece group based out of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, following in the footsteps of bands such as: Behemoth, Dissection, and Immortal, XUL have left the beaten path and set out to forge their own brand of Blackened Death Metal.

An energetic and interactive live performance – with crushing rhythms seamlessly coalescing into atmospheric passages, accompanied by punishing percussion waves and subtle vocal harmonies – expands upon the previously established essence of the sub-genre. With songs reminiscent of war-torn landscapes, destructive human nature and evil intention, XUL has captivated audiences and garnered positive reviews, and on June 16′th 2012, released their first full length album, entitled "Malignance".

Driven by determination and a diverse accumulation of musical comprehension, XUL has toured Western Canada, as well as proven themselves worthy to share the stage with bands such as: Obscura, Exhumed, Vreid, Kampfar, Woods of Ypres, Macabre, Withered, Cephalic Carnage, Archspire, Skeleton Witch, Beyond Creation, and 3 Inches of Blood. After XUL's first cross Canada tour, and with a new album recorded, they have decided to take some time to think about what the future holds.

Funeral of God

Funeral of God is a black metal band based out Canton, OH Founded by Demogorgon in February of 2014, It is dedicated to creating sonic terror for Lucifer.


We are a four-piece death metal band from Regina, SK. Formed in February 2014, and playing shows since June 2014, we have had a few lineup changes and our songwriting has evolved immensely. We are greatly influenced by old school death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, as well as bands from every other spectrum of metal. We all have a love for atmospheric music and it is something we try to incorporate into our sound.


Communal Invokators of Abhorrence. Unholy Cryptfucking Metal. Obey The Hammer.


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