Black Mourning Light Metal Festival 2017


One of the first truly extreme Metal bands, not only in Canada but around the world, BLASPHEMY invokes a large degree of respect. Founded back in 1984, the band is often cited as being a pioneer of the Death/Black 'War Metal' sound. After a demo and two very well received albums, the band had cemented their legacy very quickly. Their importance has been affirmed by the number of times those two legendary albums, 'Fallen Angel Of Doom'' and Gods Of War' have been issued and reissued around the world. They set a standard that many still follow today.

Rites of Thy Degringolade

In the name of Rites, the Graciousless, the Merciless. Master of the Day of Judgement ...Guide us in the Left Path!


The next generation of metal coming to knock your teeth in. Stay tuned for big things to come!


Better than being simply Lovecraft-inspired is to sound like something that’s shambled over from some unknown dimension, to sound like something that perhaps would’ve inspired Lovecraft. Sorguinazia are likely a little too intense for a man who died a decade before the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, but these Canadian self-proclaimed demons practice a style of black metal that sounds coaxed forth from a benighted lacuna between the strangest of planes.

Ares Infernus

We are a 3 piece band that started out in a basement and is now ready to spread the horns across nations. Dehumanizer shreds for Satan. also known as Lord Sorrow of Abceassed for which he writes all instruments and music for. Asylum on Batteries of Baphomet. Also know as The Priest from his one man black metal band Ov Enochian, He also Plays Guitar in the Experimental Black Metal Band, The Projectionist.Serpent Draconis speaks the scriptures of Lucifer. Also an Ex- Member of the DBSM band, Commit Suicide.

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