Anjuli Josephine (Release Show)

Anjuli Josephine

Anjuli Josephine's voice blends delicate singer songwriter/folk tones with powerful blues and jazz melodies, all while maintaing pop sensibility. The band has an obvious indie rock influence, but also references soul, classic rock, blues, and even bossa nova. The result is a sound that can be dark and brooding, but sometimes light and poppy.

Dinosaur Eyelids

For a band to proclaim that they are: "alternative rock for a new generation" on the back of their debut release takes guts.

Their brand of alternative rock is hard-hitting and straight to the point, while grunge and metal can be heard in amongst the driving melodies, which is unsurprising, given that Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Soundgarden are cited as influences.

'White Lies' and 'Waves' are undoubtedly the stand out tracks here, along with the down-tuned fuzz of the albums title track.

Dinosaur Eyelids have played 45 shows since they began touring in June 2009, and the tightness of Winter Solstice can be attributed to this.

The four-piece are busy putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming release, Down The River, which will hopefully see their individual brand of alternative rock leave their New Jersey roots, for the good of their generation.

Christine Irizarry

Christine Irizarry is a Philadelphia area singer songwriter. Her roots are in musical theater but she draws inspiration in everything from the 1950's crooners, to jazz, to motown, to indie, to top 40 pop songs. She strives to create music that will tell a story and make the listener feel something real or see life in a way that they hadn't before.

Katie Jo Knaub

Reared in the backwards backwoods farming community of Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania, Katie Jo Knaub shipped herself off to Chicago at a young age after teaching herself how to play guitar, sing, and write. There she garnered ammunition and material to tell stories through her songs. Stories about alcoholism and opiates, murdering unsavory lovers and draining their blood like hunted animals; stories about death and abortion and horrid affairs but also about the beauty that springs from all that darkness.

Coined by some as "hillbilly soul", "cryptic blues", and "homicidal folk", Katie Jo channels artists like Cat Power, Patti Smith, Swans, Sparklehorse, Jim White, Magnolia Electric Company, Chelsea Wolfe, and Lera Lynn.

After a long stint in the Midwest playing shows, recording, and battling years of illness, she is now a resident Philadelphian channeling her stark and brutally honest songwriting into our burgeoning local music scene. At times, a hearty growl can come from a relatively quiet tune—like the sound that would come from scratching the underbelly of a sleepy witch.

"The Widowmaker" is the first of a series of recordings to be released from Katie Jo's Philadelphia-specific recording repertoire. The album is available on Bandcamp for a donation of your choice.

$10.00 - $12.00


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