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Pulitzer Prize Fighter

Pulitzer Prize Fighter is a band out of Boston MA. Originally formed in 2012 by Colin McDonald and brothers Colin and Ryan MacDougall they grew to a five piece after being joined by Dan Garrity and Patrick Logue. Pulitzer Prize Fighter is the culmination of five people with different influences coming together to play focused, no frills music that ranges from Rock to R&B.

Mokita formed during the summer of 2015 when, during a barbecue at Chris' house, they decided to play music together. Suddenly, songs that had been kicking around their heads for years found new life, and new songs were born from this blossoming creative partnership. Since then the songs haven't stopped, the shows haven't quieted, and the fast times just keep getting faster.

Varsity Place

We like to rock out and drink beer.


Homeless Rock.


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