Food Court

Food Court

Food Court, Sydney’s finest purveyors of sunny, punk fuzz return with their debut EP Smile At Your Shoes. Written and recorded after a 5 month break drinking and eating irresponsibly around the world, Smile At Your Shoes is 6 tracks of 90s grunge with a couple of dirty layers washed away by 60s scuzzy surf-pop.
The new single and title track Smile At Your Shoes is a slice of fun destined for car stereos all summer long. The EP was recorded in Melbourne by Mark Doman and mixed by Mikey Young. Foodies are following up with a bunch of EP launch shows in Sydney and Melbourne and are a guaranteed good time.
Food Court is Cristian Campano on vocals/guitar, Lewis McKeown on bass/vocals, Dan De Santis on guitar and Nic Puertolas on drums. All hailing from Sydney’s inner-west whilst sharing a love of garage punk and a dream of selling out for six-figures and a Coles ad.

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