Burned Out Still Glowing, Community Center, Dirty Purple

Burned Out Still Glowing

Burned Out, Still Glowing is an Experi-Pop band from Southern NJ. Guitarist/Vocalist Lennon Cantwell founded the band when he was 18 and has gone through many different phases and styles throughout the bands existence. BOSG is now a power-trio with a mission. That mission is to play every basement/hall/venue and make friends with the entire world in the name of music.

Community Center

Community Center performs an energetic show of original material that features saxophone, accordion, cello, violin, clarinet, and voices that rise in arranged harmonies and crash forward in rowdy gang chants. They have led parades, headlined festivals, and this year won First Prize in the Underfunded Film Festival for their music video. Their music has the feel of a young E Street Band mixed with an old Tom Waits and three tracks from their latest album have been in rotation on numerous east coast radio stations.

Community Center got its start in the theatre, writing compositions for musicals, and spent a year as a pit orchestra before branching out playing clubs and venues. Spending the past year playing festivals and opening for national acts, they have crafted a show to be a dynamic, inviting, and engaging spectacle that has been winning over diverse audiences and inciting dance parties wherever they play. They are storytellers who create interwoven compositions based around narrative. Community Center is a band that works hard to win over audiences right out of the gate and keeps them guessing through a set full of surprises.

Dirty Purple



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