Malibu Guitar Festival Main Event May 20

Malibu Guitar Festival Main Event May 20



Mick Fleetwood

The MGF charity night kicks off the festival, honoring Robby Krieger from The Doors, plus Platinum Superstar Hunter Hayes, Kenneth Brian, Oscar nominee Marco Beltrami, and ALL STAR jam. Benefitting TheraSurf, Emily Shane Foundation, and Karl LaDue Wodakota Foundation. Also Honoring Chief Arvol Looking Horse, who led the fight against the North Dakota pipeline. Plus incredible auction items, art, photographs, guitars and more.


Jamtown is a new band started by Donavon Frankenreiter, G Love and Cisco Adler, and they’re making one of their premiere appearances right here at MGF. Everyone knows local hero Cisco Adler- Grammy nominated producer and musician, (and now putting the Bu in Malibu Burgers!) G Love brings his special blend of harmonica and guitar to the mix, and the legendary Donovon Frankenreiter embodies everything we love about Malibu- surfing and guitars. They’ll be hitting the road with Jack Johnson later this summer, but in the meantime they’re here to make 27 miles of scenically beautiful music right here at the Malibu Guitar Festival.

Hunter Hayes

We got really lucky with this guy. Hailed as a “country-rock-blues guitar hero in the making” by the Los Angeles Times, five-time GRAMMY nominee Hunter Hayes roared onto the music scene with his double-Platinum-selling, No. 1 self-titled debut album and chart-topping sophomore album, Storyline- and he already has three No. 1 singles already under his belt (including the multi-Platinum smash “Wanted,” double-Platinum “I Want Crazy” and “Somebody’s Heartbreak.”) Hunter’s hanging out with us all week- he’ll be dropping in for surprise performances in Malibu schools- as well as headlining on the Main Event Stage on Saturday. Like we said… we just got real lucky.

Tommy Emmanuel

There’s no question about it. Tommy Emmanuel is the greatest acoustic guitar player on the planet. He’s been proving it at over 200 shows a year for the past five decades, and if you haven’t seen him play, be prepared to be dazzled. This wonder from down under was personally schooled by Chet Atkins, who dubbed him CGP “Certified Guitar Player”, he’s won every award in the book, and closed the Sydney Olympics with one of the most jaw-dropping displays of guitar pyrotechnics- give the man a Gold Medal!!! We are thrilled and delighted to welcome Tommy back. Get ready to be amazed!!!

The Kenneth Brian Band

These guys are MGF royalty. The Kenneth Brian Band blew everyone away last year with their blend of Southern rock ’n roll, amazing guitar-work and superlative singing… all in the service of some of the most heartfelt songs you’ll ever hear, courtesy of the man in the big hat, Mr Kenneth Brian. It’s like taking the best road-trip of your life, staring out the window at lost highways, big skies, and the flashes of distant lightning storms away on the horizon. Plus they’ve got Steve Ferrone drumming with them, which is almost more than we can stand. Brilliant, authentic, soul-stirring… we can’t wait

Soft White Sixties

Five years together, and the members of The Soft White Sixties have rarely sat still. They’ve lived much of their life in a 15-passenger van, traversing the country, whipping up new riffs, new rhythms, new lyrics and then, almost immediately, breaking them out onstage. For these hard-working musicians, it was simply a way of life.Combining jangling guitars, atmospheric vocals and a splash of psychedelia, this is the Soft White Sixties first appearance at MGF. Welcome aboard guys.

Buzz Wizzards

This was a no-brainer… some of the best cats from Jimmy Kimmel’s house-band augmented by some of the hottest instrumentalist in LA, all heading down to Malibu. Cleto and the Cletones have been serenading JK since the show premiered- but most of that gets lost in the commercial breaks. Now you get to see these guys let their hair down, blending funk, blues, rock… and you may be seeing some surprise guests joining them on stage. And guitar lovers… there is no-one quite like the incredible Toshi. Welcome back to Malibu guys!!

Duane Betts & The Pistaleers

Having Dickey Betts as your Dad and guitar immortal Duane Allman as your namesake can’t be easy, but Duane Betts is undaunted. A ferociously talented blues-man in his own right, he effortlessly blends Allman-esque melodies with raunch, grit and authenticity that comes straight from the rock and roll heartland. Equally comfortable playing in front of thousands or stopping by a local Malibu bar and plugging in his gold-top Les Paul just for kicks, Duane is a true master of his craft. We are thrilled and honored to have Duane returning to the MGF this year.

Zack Zotos

Another solid member of the MGF family, we’re thrilled to have guitarist Zack Zotos back, this year playing with legendary (non-footballing) B3 player Deacon Jones- who’s played with many of the all-time greats including Curtis Mayfield, Freddie King and John Lee Hooker. They’ll be joined by the incomparable Marcy Levy, who tore the house down back in the 70’s when she was touring with Clapton. Way to go Zack, can’t wait to hear you let that Strat loose.

Michael John Hayes

2 years ago when we started the MGF, we invited local bands to perform. Everyone was great, the vibe was fantastic, and then a young guitar player strapped on a Strat and blew the house down. SLAYED. DEVASTATED. We watched gob-smacked as this guy re-incarnated Stevie Ray and Jimi in front of our eyes. Mike Hayes is the real deal. An authentic, blues-breaking showman, who whirls his guitar around like a Samurai sword, all the while spewing out riff after riff that’ll pin you to the floor until you pass out in a delirious orgasm of rock ‘n roll ecstasy.

Hollis Brown

Named after Bob Dylan’s “The Ballad of Hollis Brown”- and yes all you ambulance chasers out there, they can do that- Hollis Brown play authentic American rock that in their words sounds “just as alive today as it would’ve in 1966 and will 40 years from now.” Spin magazine wrote that the band “fizz and pop like fatback on a greasy skillet,” (which is the best line of rock critique we’ve heard since Lester Bangs.) They’ve toured with Counting Crows, The Zombies, Citizen Cope, and Heartless Bastards, and we can’t wait to see them unleashed in Malibu.

Lenny Goldsmith & The New Old

A larger than life performer in a pint-sized frame, ex-Tower of Power’s Lenny Goldsmith has been writing and performing for 65 years! He’s joined in the New Old by some equally legendary side-men- including the incomparable Jon Woodhead. Jon was Leon Russell’s go-to guitar guy for over 20 years, and frankly one of the best guitar players in the world. Warning… as you listen to The New Old’s blend of funk, R&B, and fat-bottomed soul, you may find yourself unconsciously getting up off of that thing and shaking your money-makers.

Mrs. Gill

We were slightly nervous that our 5th Grade geography teacher had started a band. Imagine our delight to discover this Mrs Gill is an alt-rock band from Malibu, CA, who “have something to say and aren’t timid about saying it.” Their lyrics are far beyond their years and their melodic sensibility and memorable guitar hooks keep fans coming back for more. They met in middle school, each honing their skills individually until life events brought them together musically in 2015. Can’t wait guys!!

Advance $45- Day Of Show $60- Advance Two Day VIP $150



Childern 12 and Under are free for Saturday May 20 at Malibu Village.

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