Wham City Comedy

Wham City Comedy

Wham City Comedy is a comedy & video collective based in Baltimore, Maryland known for their bizarre viral videos and absurdist presentational performances. We tour the United States once a year and we have very little money. We thought our lives would be different and that comedy would save us, but oh god we fucked up so so bad. We suck and we hate ourselves. Please come to one of our shows.

We recently created the Adult Swim late night horror-prank Unedited Footage of a Bear which was called "the year's scariest show" by The Guardian, which is a very nice thing to say to someone about their video. We also created Live Forever As You Are Now With Alan Resnick and Commencement Speech, also for Adult Swim.

Lorelei Ramirez

Lorelei Ramirez is an artist, comedian, and writer residing in New York where she is attempting to do everything she can before I dies because dying is scary and who will see through these eyes when she's done? An ill tempered demon? She hosts a Bi-weekly show at Tandem bar in Bushwick called Do Something Variety Show, and also host a show at Over The Eight called "I'm Afraid Of Dying".



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