Penntera (Pantera Tribute)

Penntera (Pantera Tribute)

Dead Atlantic

Dead Atlantic is an original American Metal Band (a creative blend of old school thrash metal, hardcore, and modern melodic death metal) from Baltimore, MD that consists of members from Megosh (Revival/Outerloop Record s), Eternal Ruin (Amputated Vein Records), Apophis, Haddonfield, Vemorrah, and Misdirected.

Formed in September of 2013 Dead Atlantic spent their first year as a band solidifying their roster, and writing material to enter the local show circuit. In 2014 the band booked a session at Black Sails studios in Parkville, MD to record their debut demo of "The Art of Insomnia". Armed with a solid line-up in place, merch and a fresh new demo, the band began to span out, landing shows with band such as Primer 55 (Island/Def Jam Records), and Phinehas (Artery Records). By 2015 various members came and went, however the core of the band remained in tact. With the demo's capabilities expended, DA entered the studio Paul Leavitt (Darkest Hour, Senses Fail, The Used etc.) and Drew Mazurek(Hellyeah, Nothingface, Gwar, etc.) During the midst of the recordings, our home town of Baltimore, MD was hit with the worst riot since the 60's and things came to a halt. During this break, the band was plagued with various health, financial, and personal problems among the members, and the decision was made to go on hiatus until the dust could settle. Fast forward to 2016. DA has regrouped, and re-entered the studio to finish their debut album. Several members elected not to return to the band following the hiatus however no time was wasted filling their positions. Plans for the future include the release of the bands first album, a music video, and a diy east coast tour. All of this and more will be included in the bands press kit in their quest to lock in a deal with the right label. Thanks for all your continued help and support!

Crimson Orchid

Based out of Western Massachusetts, OXEN is a 4 piece rock band that uses heavy riffs and pummeling rhythm to create a foundation for vocals that range from soaring melodies to gruff intensity.

Paid In Full


Hardcore / Punk balitmore based band. Piranha has been growing musically since the spring of 2014. After a couple of line up changes the band is going stronger then ever by continuing to push themselves towards making the most brutal and thought provoking music it can.



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