Reverend Hylton, XOXOK, Dane Page, Ennie Arden

Reverend Hylton

Reverend Hylton is an artist touring for redemption.

Spending his 20s traveling through trouble around the country, playing his guitar and gaining valuable life experiences — most of which he doesn't remember, the party had come to a stop and Justin "got his head together."

Right now Reverend Hylton is free from the tendrils of addiction and focused on touring his full length LP, Stubborn Nail. Reverend Hylton was once the 'Stubborn Nail' but he is now free. Naturally his songwriting is influenced by his experiences with addiction, and everything he learned after coming out of his drug-fueled haze. However, his conviction comes across as an emotionally moving experience; genuine, raw and smacking of everything that one would expect from a true artistic talent and a real slice of Americana.

Ennie Arden

Ennie Arden is the solo project of Morrowville's Zach Evington.

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