Awake At Last, Take the Fall, Old Sport, Paperback, East Viridian

Awake At Last

Awake At Last strives to create music that speaks to the human condition of beauty, pain, and hardships. "Mansion Of Memories was written in a dark time for the band so it has a darker approach, but retains an overall positive message we try to relay in all of our songs," Torres comments. The passion for their lyrics also bleeds into the music creation as well. "Everyone brings something different to the table because we come from different musical backgrounds and lifestyles" explains bassist Tyler Greene, but through all their differences they all share the same goal of writing strong and energetic rock and metal influenced songs with contributions from each band member. "When we write music, usually a band member will come to rehearsal with a riff or chord progression they had been working on and as a band we all take turns throwing out ideas and slowly forming the foundation, later adding little transitions and sound tags" explains drummer Bryan Mills.
Awake At Last continues to spread their message through music that no matter who you are or what life you live, dreams are never as far away as the world may make them seem. Vincent, Eric, Bryan, and Tyler all bring elements of great, entertaining, and catchy rock songs to bring fans and loved ones closer, and to share their music and experiences with anyone willing to listen.

Take the Fall

We are Take the Fall: a Pop-Punk band from Charlotte, NC comprised of four crazy, kid-like adults who quit our day jobs for our love of music. Taking influence from 90's and early 2000's Pop-Punk, we all love like Blink 182, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday.... and it can be heard in our music.


Emo band from North Carolina.
Debut LP Guilty Veins out now.
"We write songs with our hearts on our sleeves."

East Viridian

A heavy band from Charlotte, NC.

$5.00 - $7.00


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