The Fill Ins, Deadlock NCHC, The Stir, Black Plague, 40oz Mouse

Have you heard? No really, have you heard? The Fill Ins are unlike any other band you will see.... Some have said that the band is "a joke" and that we're a fake.... Some say we are "epic winning and badass".... How ever you wanna word it, we are here to stay. We've got Alex Stiff on guitar and vocals, Steven Touchton on bass and random insults, Mikey Black on lead guitar and overall badassness and Matt McCoy on drums and whatever the fuck else he wants to do to you during a show.

The Stir

Rock 'n' Roll from Atlanta GA

A psychedelic hard rock band from Atlanta GA Est. 2015

40oz Mouse

Starting as an acoustic folk project in 2015, 40oz Mouse was founded on a love for shoegaze and bluegrass between vocalist Jordan Pate and guitarist Dylan Hull. On Halloween of 2015 the two picked up Christian Whittington as a fill in drummer to play a punk show in Cleveland, Ohio. After a relatively successful set, Whittington, whose influences come from modern hardcore and hard rock, was pulled into the band. It was at this point that 40oz Mouse began to transition from folk punk into the pop punk meets post hardcore style they are now.
40oz Mouse recorded their debut release, the "Toby EP" in December of 2015 and released it in March of 2016.
In July of 2016 Aaron Beaver joined 40oz Mouse as the bassist, and brought not only high energy to the stage, but finished the lineup.
In January of 2017, Hull annouced his departure from the band and Beaver stepped up to guitars.
In March of 2017, Dallas Whittington (Take the Fall) and Dexter Simmons joined 40oz, playing lead guitar and bass guitar, respectively.

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