The Buttertones - Gravedigging record release

The Buttertones

Emerging from the bowels of Hollywood in the winter of 2012 came The Buttertones. Fueled by the desire to return some long lost flavor to the sounds of the Los Angeles nightlife. The songs are peppered with appetizing hooks and warm melodies that frame the accounts of the less than holy lifestyles embraced by the environment they were created. With an optimistic pulse and affinity for texture The Buttertones are experienced at making heartbreak and rejection easier to swallow. The Buttertones have calories ready to be burned. Best when spread around.

Guantanamo Baywatch

Portland's campy, trampy trio Guantanamo Baywatch plays slimy surf-thrash punk in a sweaty, sleazy way; like going to a beach where you shouldn't be barefoot. Sometimes recalling obvious comparisons to surf pioneers like The Trashmen and The Ventures but laced up with Cramps like swagger and even a little Hasil Adkins and Johny Burnett style rock & roll R&B. A wildly popular live band known for their sexed up stage presence. Started in March 2009, Guantanamo Baywatch is comprised of Jason Powell, Chevelle Wiseman and Chris Scott."

- Chris Uehlein

Wild Wing

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