Naked Naps, Fk Mt., CAMPING, Taxing

Reducing pop music to its barest essentials, Naked Naps combines sparse guitar and drum arrangements with emotionally charged and wryly sarcastic musings on the pains of being young at heart. Catie Yerkes sings lines like "I would do something radical if it were more practical" with equal doses of fervor and indifference, illustrating the emotionally noncommittal space so many of us live in without ever realizing it. With such a pared-down system of elements, Naked Naps are able to careen around corners in each song, never fearing to take a catchy hook and abandon it for some other idea. It's a fearless sound that doesn't know it's being fearless, which is a lot of what makes Naked Naps one of the most exciting young bands in the very fertile scene of Raleigh, NC.

Fk Mt.

stoner pop from Columbia, SC

Artist/experimental music project out of Charlotte, NC

$5.00 - $7.00


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