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Hailing from Boston, MA, The Shills are a genre-bending rock outfit that have made a name for themselves by taking complex musical ideas, and making them feel effortlessly infectious. With a sound that can go from driving rock rhythms to lush, lofty sonic soundscapes, versatility is the band's true stock-in-trade. From Queen to Queens of the Stone Age, Yes to Radiohead, Motown to metal, punk to jazz, the band's influences are virtually innumerable. As any of their fans will tell you, the only way to get any sort of handle on what The Shills' music is all about, is to simply check it out yourself.

One would be wise, however, not to mistake their expansive sound as studio trickery, as The Shills have been steadily building a loyal following of acolytes over the course of their ten-plus years together, based primarily on their explosive dynamism and precision on stage. Consisting of Bryan Murphy (vocals, guitar), Ryan Jackson (guitar), Dave Sicilian (bass) and James Zaner (drums), The Shills have been winning the hearts and minds of show-goers, both in and out of Boston, with their musical version of shock and awe.

After an EP ("Push"), an LP ("The Shills"), and a concept record ("Ganymede"), the band embarked on an extremely ambitious project, the two-part record "Keep Your Hand Busy: Vol. 1 & 2". Released as an EP in 2012, and produced by Scott Riebling (Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, We The Kings), Vol. 1 served as the 4-song appetizer for what would be the grand unveiling of the band's most quality, complex and complete work of art to date: 2015's "Keep Your Hands Busy: Vol. 2".

After touring in support of Vol. 1, the band began working tirelessly in the studio, diligently crafting the nine songs featured on "Keep Your Hands Busy, Vol. 2", and creating a record unlike anything they've ever done before. This album showcases The Shills in their truest form -- diverse and eclectic, yet focused and cohesive. With an overall tone that ranges from mellow to heavy, soft to aggressive, pensive to unpredictable, "Keep Your Hands Busy: Vol. 2" is certain to not disappoint, and will undoubtedly become the band's landmark musical release.

Doug Wartman

Doug Wartman is a composer of guitar-based experimental instrumentals. Doug has been tempering his technique in Boston, MA for the past nine years, but now is based out of Philadelphia, PA. Delivering his compositions with astounding control over his guitars, Doug moves seamlessly from moments of furious, frenetic rhythm, to serene harmonious resonance and unique melodic themes. Mixing elements of classical, jazz, and rock with an advanced understanding of dynamics, Doug's creations are reminiscent of the halcyon days of the 60s and 70s while also remaining distinctly contemporary.

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