A Wish For Fire

"Alt rock quartet, A Wish for Fire’s [latest] EP, A Sight Unseen, is a tasty serving of melodic—and slightly melancholy—alt rock that is burly enough for the gents to dig and tender enough for the ladies to sway their hips to." - Morgan - entertheshell.com

A Wish For Fire
Standing in front of a sold out show at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the hard-to-categorize rock outfit A Wish For Fire celebrates the release of their latest effort, Sight Unseen on September 18, 2010. The journey to this point has been remarkable one, driven by their palpable chemistry and a passion to make great music.

Flashback 15 years ago to when Owen Beane and Mike “Sep” Sepavich first started playing together in a band just after high school. Owen, who today is an accomplished body piercer, was clutching Sep’s hand as he received his first piercing via a drug store kit complete with a plastic piercing gun. This band did not last and Sep and Owen went their separate ways musically for many years…

Owen began A Wish For Fire with two other musicians in 2002, but the group suffered some lineup changes along the way until the current lineup started to take shape. With the departure of the original drummer, Owen put the word out and it wasn’t long before he heard Anthony Mellace (ex. Seventeen, The Model Suns) was looking for a new gig. With Mellace’s raw and powerful drumming, they immediately clicked and A Wish For Fire’s sound began to evolve. Shortly thereafter, Owen contemplated adding additional instruments to the mix. It just so happened that Sep was looking for a new gig and contacted Owen about “any bands out there looking for a guitar player.” Owen, who was excited about the prospect of reuniting after all these years with Sep under the A Wish For Fire moniker, extended the invite out to join them at rehearsal. Beane and Sep picked up right where they left off and A Wish For Fire’s sound evolved yet again with Sep’s distant and distraught guitar work. While the new lineup began work on their first effort together, Skeleton Key, they opened up for groups like Dear Leader and Ours. A Wish For Fire was getting somewhere.

During work on Skeleton Key, the band went through its final lineup change by adding Dan Lewis to bass. This completed A Wish For Fire’s most recent evolution. Dan brought fresh energy and intensity to the band. It also cemented the current sound and dynamics of the group. All the parts were finally there. They began playing shows together and getting rave reviews from new and long-time fans alike. The band was getting along great and everything was in place. It finally looked like things were going A Wish For Fire’s way August 2, 2008, when the band was scheduled to play a show at Middle East downstairs. That day, Dan had the worst migraine of his life. Though he really wanted to play the big show, he was advised to go to the hospital. Wisely, he went. He was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. A rattled A Wish For Fire came to a screeching halt for months while they supported Dan during his surgery and recovery. This event solidified the band faster than any time or tour together could. Dan recovered and has had a new lease on life ever since.

A Wish For Fire’s trials were not done. Just months after Dan's recovery, Sep unexpectedly loss his mother. The band often said she was like the fifth member and the mother of the band because of how many shows she attended. Devastated, the band supported Sep through his horrible loss and they came back stronger and more united than ever.

On the mend, A Wish For Fire celebrated the marriages of Mellace and then Owen, which further solidified the group. Through good times and bad, A Wish For Fire supports each other with a bond that is easy to detect.

Together, A Wish For Fire combines powerful drumming and raw, understated riffs. They defy conventional structure and blend sometimes smooth, sometimes gritty vocals that are unlike anything likely to be found on commercial radio. There is a trace of psychedelic and classic rock in the composition with both the sound and arrangement following more of a feeling than any conventional pattern. They layer melodies to create multi-textured sounds ranging from simple and elegant to a full on sonic assault. The lyrics are complex and full of disheartening yearning. The music and vocals combine to make an unmistakable mood unlike anything out there.

Sight Unseen, released on September 18, 2010, is dedicated in loving memory to Sep’s mother, “Ma Sep” (Anne D. Sepavich). It is a three-year audio scrapbook created during tumultuous and joyous times in A Wish For Fire's member's lives. It is the ultimate culmination of their passion and dedication. They feel it is easily their strongest, best-sounding effort yet. Sight Unseen is currently available on awishforfire.com and for download from most online music stores.

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