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Formed in 2012, Thrust Club is a garage dance party where everyone is invited — a kick-drum that lifts you out of your seat, crunchy guitar chords under a layer of keys that are sometimes smooth, sometimes ominous, and vocals that coo, scream and everything in between.

Members are Bethany Leavey (vocals), Erin Genett (keys), JC Supastar (drums), and Sally Bunch (guitar). All members volunteer at Girls Rock Campaign Boston, and believe in demonstrating and promoting girls and women to express themselves through music and other means.

Ms. Fridrich's Messy Ann Band

Ms. Fridrich's Messy Ann Band is an indi-rock band fronted by pianist, singer-songwriter Sarah Fridrich, who collaborates with jazz-trained drummer Kirk Kubicek, as well as various local singers & musicians. They create music that has been compared to Regina Spektor and the Dresden Dolls. Sarah and Kirk strive to create catchy, off-kilter songs that are doused in rich harmonies and energized with rhythmic interplay between the piano and drums. In addition to being an accomplished teacher, Sarah has produced two albums of her original songs: 2007 self-titled EP "Sarah Fridrich", and 2011 full length CD entitled "You Call That Brave". In 2009, she was awarded an Individual Artist Grant by the Montgomery County Arts & Humanities Council; and in 2011, she was recognized as a Finalist in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her original song "Anvil". Sarah Fridrich has a B.A. in "reading books" from St. John's College, and a 2nd B.A. in Jazz Piano from the University of Maryland.

Kirk Kubicek, also has a BA in Jazz Music from UMD and loves to teach. He is an in-demand drummer, who plays alongside his father - double drums - in the popular DMV band "On The Bus", as well as with Philly folk-rock outfit "My Son Bison", and multiple projects that range from folk to jazz improvisation groups in the Philadelphia and Baltimore areas.

Sarah & Kirk met in 2011 and have done three DIY tours as far north as Montreal, CA and as far West as Colorado. They are currently at work on a second Ms.Fridrich studio album recording project, the first single from the album - an apocalyptic love song titled "Nights at The End of the Worlds" - was released on March 20th, 2015.


"I like music that commits, that has a strong presence. We're all passionate people. We don't shy away from controversial topics, and we don't worry much about playing the 'right way' to match a specific genre," says Erin Frisby, singer and multi-instrumentalist for Washington D.C. based rock band, FuzzQueen.

Erin, Ben Tufts, and Chris Stelloh toured nationally for four years together as Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, a band remarked upon by the likes of PopMatters, Sound Opinions, and Gaper's Block to have a knack for seamlessly bringing together diverse influences and sounds.

The trio's new artistic venture, FuzzQueen is poised to introduce a completely unique sound that draws on 70's rock, acid folk, 90's indie, psychedelia, social activism, and post apocalyptic literature and film. FuzzQueen is the darker, heavier, mystical twin sister of the previous project. The band has most recently settled into Washington D.C. group music house where they host art and music shows.

"We're a band made up of three songwriters. We all sing and play multiple instruments," says Chris Stelloh, "We're living in D.C. now, but we've brought a lot of that California feel back with us. Imagine if Fleetwood Mac had done a lot of peyote instead of all that coke."

"Wall of Sound" and "Big Rock and Roll" are phrases that come to mind at a FuzzQueen show. The musicianship and the catchy hooks are there, but they're surrounded in a powerful and exquisite storm of impressive vocal harmonies, crashing guitars, and intense building dynamics.

FuzzQueen will release their first single, "Sailing Empty Tonight", on Friday, August 19th followed by a music video on August 27th. The release of their first EP will follow. The band is touring the East Coast region.

Riding a wave of critical and public acclaim for the release of her 2013 postcolonial pop album Lingua Franca (as Saraswathi Jones), Tanya Palit decided to turn Bollywood up to 11. Palit assembled Awaaz Do to pay a punk rock tribute to modern and classic Bollywood hits, and channel Saraswathi through a few hot Strat pickups. Awaaz Do - literally "Make Some Noise" - features Jagdeep Singh of Faux Ox, New Orleans-trained bass player Maanav Thakore, Leilani Roser of Hammer and Snake on drums, and Sapan Modi, guardian of SubDrift Boston, on dhol and guitar.

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