OOLALA, Grubby Little Hands, Ton-Taun, Red Queen Lilith

OOLALA is the greatest Space RockRoll band in the Universe. Heavy riff big singing mystic pillar for 21st century RockRoll. OOLALA is Rumi Kitchen of Johnny Showcase & the Mystic Ticket and Spinning Leaves, Vincent "The Lion" Federici of Johnny Showcase & the Mystic Ticket and The Bailey Hounds and Lux Nauta.

Grubby Little Hands

Grubby Little hands was formed by songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Donnie Felton and Brian Hall, who released two albums as a duo - Imaginary Friends (2009) and The Grass Grew Around Our Feet (2012). Grubby Little Hands has since added a few new members - guitarist/engineer Joseph Primavera (The Looks of It), drummer Chad Brown (West Philly Orchestra), keyboardist Mark Saddlemire (Brown Recluse; White Candles), and circuit bender Michael Rothstein (Young Grandpa) - and as a result Garden Party has a richer sound with more depth than previous works. Songs range from top-of-the-lung anthems to whispering lullabies as the band weaves together a playful tapestry of pop songwriting and paisley psychedelia, with no shortage of washed out guitar and synth textures. Joseph Primavera engineered the studio sessions at Cat Lady Studios.


Ton-Taun is a band from Lancaster, PA, that consists of four core members: Jordan Capizzi, Doug Hynes, Mario Borgatta, and Louis Borgatta. Each member of the band has a deep love and appreciation for music, and all have found personal success in studying and writing music.

Red Queen Lilith

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