Almost Awake

Almost Awake is a young female-fronted, five piece rock band from Las Vegas. This fast rising, high energy group of teen-agers (16-19 yrs old) range in musical influences from Paramore, and Nirvana, to Joe Satriani and Marcus Miller. The result is a bombastic blend of melody and musicianship.

Formed in mid-2014 Almost Awake came together when virtuoso guitarist Grady Jones and stellar drummer Gabe Conover teamed up with longtime friend and gifted 16 year old vocalist, Vick Liano. Addison Egelhoff came aboard on rhythm guitar bringing amazing stage presence, and finally Tommy Cochran brought his punk influence and attitude on bass, creating a unique combination of styles and songwriting and the phenomenon which is Almost Awake.

After the well-received release of their first EP ‘The Explorer’, the band has since produced several hit videos, including a popular rendition of 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Long Way Home’. They have just released their new single ‘What did I do’ available on ITunes in September and the highly anticipated DIY music video for ‘The Intruder’.

The band, which has garnered a huge following in a very short time and rave reviews from critics, was chosen from thousands of bands to represent the House of Blues Music Forward foundation after only a few months as a band and has since been selected for radio play by A.V.A. Live Radio, KGUP FM Emerge Radio, Extreme Radio X107.5, Mix 94.1, EGH Radio in the UK, Women of Substance radio, Music Inferno Radio, and many others.

Almost Awake has performed throughout the west coast with The Extreme Tour, played at the Mesa Music Festival, and opened for such acts as Escape the Fate, Slaves, Capture the Crown, A lot like Birds Handguns, Roam, Hit the Lights and many more.

Born and raised in the 702, Eddie Jayy, was fortunate to grow up surrounded by the entertainment capital. Bright lights, fame, status, hedonism, success, all byproducts of the allure that is Sin City.
Raised by two pastors and an ordained minister at age 19 Jayy, witnessed both sides of the same story through his faith based upbringing and struggle for self image in a city diametrically opposed to how he was raised.
The paradox gave him a cultural perspective on love, life and faith that proved to define his artistry.
Choosing his own path, Jayy left organized religion to "preach" to a different crowd. A generation not looking for approval but identity. His music is influenced by pain, love, loss and triumph. Molding a criteria that all people can relate to.
The Sin City White Knight is more than a handle, its an intentional paradox and witty self description. White Knight is Jayy's self proclaimed middle finger to society. Implying that no gender roles, upbringing, social barriers, or racial stigmas define our lives. Only the choices we make create our worth and identity. Culture does not dictate our development but our stories define culture. "Its more than music, it is a cultural movement."

Classical guitar training, Jazz percussion, and concert choir allowed for the discipline and respect for the foundations of music, our combined love for classic rock inspired us to carry the torch of a genre of music that speaks to all whom walk the earth. Be you: Merry or homicidal, Rock & Roll is a language in and of itself and is the personification of individualistic passion and the auditory expression of extreme emotion in its purist form.

We speak 'That' language.

For INCARNATE, life is about ADRENALINE PUMPING, HEART STOPPING, ROCK AND ROLL! Fronted by vocalists: Baylee and Aryah, along with instrumentalists: Justin and Trevor (guitars), Avry (bass) and Gage (drums). Each of the six members bring their own unique musical abilities to add to the sound of the band. With crunchy guitar riffs, thundering drums, and euphoric vocals, INCARNATE is yelling, “CLEAR” and slamming the defibrillator back onto Rock Music. INCARNATE embodies the soul of classic 70’s Rock with a shot of Blues. Shaken, not stirred!

Louder Than Words

Louder Than Words is a five piece pop/rock band from Las Vegas, NV. They started in August of 2015 and have been off to a great start. Their new single "5 More Seconds (Let's Go)" is out now along with their debut EP, "Letters & Lovers"! They have a poppy sound along with strong vocals, powerful guitars, and a pop punk feel! They bring high energy and passion to their live shows and offer a fantastic overall performance.

Singer/songwriter Jesse Pino is no stranger to the Vegas music scene. In 1998, at age 15, Pino formed the melodic punk band Nadaclue. Heavily inspired by the bands of Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph, Nadaclue quickly captured attention with their fast, driven beats, hook-laden songwriting with solid harmonies.
After Nadaclue’s tenure came to an end in 2000, Pino spent the next 10 years maturing and developing through other styles of music, a journey that would ultimately bring him to performing guitar and backup vocal duties for Las Vegas’ much-loved 5-piece rock band Left Standing. Sharing the stage with his two older brothers, Left Standing served up a welcome dose of rock ‘n roll as well as incredible acoustic sets.
In 2010, Jesse decided to step out on his own, and selected his debut shows wisely - sharing the stage with folk punk troubadour legend Chuck Ragan, quickly followed by a supporting spot for master songsmith Kevin Devine.
The fall of 2013 showed even more promise, as Pino was chosen to be the opener for Tegan and Sara at the House of Blues. He later earned the prestige title of becoming RAW Vegas's "Musician of the Year" under the RAW: Natural Born Artists Arts Organization, where the magazine highlighted his ability “to blur the once-pronounced line separating folk and punk.”
2015 found Pino opening for the lead singer of Ours, Jimmy Gnecco, and 2016 was another strong year, as he was honored with the title of Las Vegas’s “Best Singer-Songwriter” from Desert Companion Magazine.
Comfortable with a full band or just an acoustic guitar in hand, Jesse continues to craft his own signature brand of folk rock. Pino released The Burn EP in 2011 and is currently preparing to release a new EP showcasing his backing band The Vital Signs. The EP is set to be released in early 2017.
"In the style of punker-cum-folker Chuck Ragan, Vegas native and Left Standing guitarist Jesse Pino proves to be a slick singer-songwriter." - Jarret Keene, Vegas Seven
“He’s got a voice that can silence a room, and with his knack for catchy songwriting, we’re sure there are much brighter lights in his future. But for now, we’re just thankful to count him among the best local acts in town.” - Ashleigh Matview, Punks in Vegas

“The aggressive yet delicate manner with which the 27-year-old [Jesse Pino] strums his guitar is the calling card of a veteran.” - Michelle Franco, Vegas Seven

“Pino’s solo music can be considered singer-songwriter in nature, if only because he’s a guy onstage with an acoustic guitar. But his songs and live performances are infused with a punk mentality, some rockabilly soul and, at times, a bit of outlaw-country-storytelling.” -Chris Bitonti, Las Vegas Weekly

A Real King

Just a bunch of Vegas kids singing about some serious shit while throwing in some not so serious poop jokes in between songs."A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." Actually, more like 2009. That is where the story begins for Derek, David, and myself. Its quite a long tale with many hits and misses. The three of us were involved in many different musical ventures over the years, with some proving to be more successful than others. A couple years ago we met Oscar, and it couldn't have been at a more opportune moment because we were at the brink of giving up. The chemistry we developed was enough to turn the boat around and here we are giving it our all. No hesitation, no fear, we want to climb as high as fucking possible, so if there is to be fall, it'd better kill us. - Angel Stark



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