I Think Like Midnight

I Think Like Midnight

I Think Like Midnight is a Philadelphia-based instrumental rock band formed by lovers of the lost art of the rock instrumental. Succinct riffs, hooks, and melodies combine to form brainy, tightly-arranged earworm awesomeness with nods to Wire, Pullman, Television, Spoon, Tortoise, Love Tractor, and ITLM spirit band animal Pell Mell.

The initial spark was a reoccurring desire on the part of ITLM founder Andrew Chalfen (The Trolleyvox, The Wishniaks, Gimme) to hear a new record by the long-defunct band Pell Mell. As no new Pell Mell material has been released since 1997, Chalfen and longtime musical collaborator Dean "Clean" Sabatino (The Dead Milkmen, Baby Flamehead) made a record in the spirit of Pell Mell in the Ithaca, NY woods at Mabel Sound, the studio of engineer, musician, and renowned author J. Robert Lennon. The resulting album "Warm Seclusion Structure" (released in December 2014 on Quadrapuss Records) prompted the formation of a live band with the addition of bassist Josh Newman (American Altitude, Heyward Hawkins Band) and newest member Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen, Butterfly Joe) on keys). At recent shows new tunes have been surfacing which will almost certainly appear on a planned second release.

The Deadeyes

The Deadeyes rose from the ashes of Philadelphia's indie soul punk band Grubstake. This violin driven 3-piece effortlessly traverses the musical genres of punk, roots-rock and soul. John Coursey, who also performs with the folk rock High Hearts and has been improvising experimental space-noise with the Mikroknytes for over a decade. His sonorous contributions have been compared to Velvet Underground's John Cale and avant garde drone master Tony Conrad.

The trio self-released their debut record in January 2015 called Demonstrationals and Remixes. The album consists of five original hard-hitting tracks recorded at Headroom Studios over the course of one weekend with Joe Reinhart of Hop Along and Algernon Cadwallader. To complete the concept, the Deadeyes chose several new and old musical collaborators to remix six tracks which were included on the album.


A surfy indie band from Philadelphia, Conversations writes thoughtful and fun lyrics on top of a sea of summery rock grooves. Captivating harmonies and catchy hooks create songs about life, friends, and love. Performing for audiences from Texas to Maine, this four piece draws inspiration from The Beatles and Weezer alike. The group's much anticipated debut release Totally Redeem Yourself was released in 2015 and the band has performed with The Beach Boys, The Dead Milkmen, Dogs on Acid amongst many others.

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