Moon Bounce

Moon Bounce

Moon Bounce is Philadelphia's warped electronic maestro, Corey Regensburg. Taking cues from classic R&B, hip-hop and even the rhythmic lurching of metal, Corey's recognizable sound is the culmination of his unique artistic endeavors. Walking the fine line between creation and disintegration, his output combines soulful vocals with jagged percussion; calming, yet on the verge of falling apart.

Moon Bounce's knack for making ethereal, intricate productions that feel loose and endless while simultaneously maintaining a precise, mature balance ensures his vision continues to grow and creativity to shine in an otherwise predictable musical climate.

Grind Select Records

Ehiorobo is a future soul/art rap recording artist and producer based in New Jersey. The producer/vocalist's music teeters along the lines of wonky vgm, and alludes to influences of soulful r&b and hip hop. He is currently gearing up to release his debut LP entitled 'limeade' with the Tokyo based label, 'Faded Audio'.

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