Brandon Can't Dance

Brandon Can't Dance

Brandon Can't Dance combines catchy experimental dark melodies, hypnotic drums, and a haunting vocal range. What now has become the main recording focus of Brandon Ayres (also member of Rasputin's Secret Police, and Gorgeous) started out as a side project looping guitar, electric drums, keyboard and vocals for fun turned out to be a hit with friends and show goers alike. Now focused on solid song exploration and influenced by just about everything in music, there is a song for everyone to enjoy.

Jackal Onasis

Top Nachos

Drunken Punken Rock Band from Upstate NY. Their EP, released this past March, simply titled "EP" displays clear opposition towards the digital age we live in making fun yet provocative songs such as "got ur phone" joking that "u don't need me no more/ cuz now you got ur fone". Well composed punk songs and cutting lyrics and vocals.

Knights Templar

Knights Templar is a noisy post-punk 3-piece from New Jersey.



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