ALTERED STATES: Secret Recipe w/ Pluto Era, Ludge & Tygris at Silk City

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is a delicious and fresh bass music endeavor from Benji Hannus, formerly known as Intellitard, . A resident and founder of Oakland's ever popular Wormhole Wednesdays, Secret Recipe blends together a unique medley of sounds that weaves together cosmic, sparkling melodies and squelchy, deep whomps. The Secret Recipe experience is filled with sweet surprises along the way; delivering an exquisite contrast between all the flavors of bass music. Smooth rhythms and subterranen bass lines will trigger the taste buds of your brain.

Pluto Era

Based out of Philadelphia, the 21 year old producer delivers a sound intended to capture, perplex, and confound the listener. Influenced by Dave Tipper, and many other glitch hop artists, Pluto Era’s music is filled with complex rhythmic phrasings, wonky bass, and an emphasis on sound design. "If you wish to unlock the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Lurking from the depths of the underground comes a creature unknown. No one's really sure whether Ludge was born into this world, or if he just came to be by some other mechanism unknown to mankind. Still others believe that Ludge just always was and has been ever since. The tales go back further than mankind itself, yet no man is able to accurately trace its origins. Little is known about the creature at all, and barely any personal accounts exist on record. What we do know is that Ludge seems to emerge from the shrouded mists every few thousand years, and now the creature has awaken from his slumber.



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