Living Body, Animal Hospital, Nightime Sunshine, Gun Mother

Living Body

Living Body is the new project from Leeds-based Chicagoan Jeff T. Smith (formerly, Juffage) featuring longtime collaborators Katie Harkin (Harkin, Sky Larkin, Wild Beasts, Sleater-Kinney) and Tom Evans (Vessels). Rising from the ashes of their acclaimed “Sonic Cauldron” concert at Left Bank Leeds in 2013, the group is now augmented by new and additional live members Alice Rowan (Mayshe-Mayshe) & Sarah Statham (Esper Scout). Expanding on the need for music to bring joy into the lives of others, and Smith’s fascination with the contortion of the pop song into a uniquely imaginative and immediate form, Living body aims to exist in a world of skin and information overload in 2016.

Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital is Kevin Micka's one-man musical recording/performance entity. Formed at the tail-end of Micka's time with Boston band The Common Cold, Animal Hospital slowly began to take on a life of its own in 2004. A self-titled debut CD by Animal Hospital was released on Boston's Mister Records that year and displayed Micka's ability as a composer and engineer in communicating his creative expression. Since then, Kevin has consistently toured the United States and completed two European tour throughout France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy. Animal Hospital has won followers from all corners of the music world, earning himself spots on tours with bands as diverse as Beirut, Neptune, and the tech-grind metal group The Great Redneck Hope (not to mention a recurring role as bumper music on Boston's NPR station).

During performances, Micka buries himself in a pile of electronics-shelves of effects, mixing consoles, amps and delay units-while patiently constructing a layered nest of loops consisting of live drum beats, guitar chords, scrapes, chucks, chimes, and melodies resulting in anything from more conventional songs to meticulously crafted ambient movements on to full on improvisation.

Nightime Sunshine

Nightime Sunshine led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jesse S. Gallagher

Gun Mother

Gun Mother is the new folk duo of Adam Glasseye (Reverend Glasseye, Insect Fable) and Georgia Young (Insect Fable, Brian Carpenter and the Confessions, Animal Hospital Ensemble). Playing music inspired by Appalachian Folk, Greenwich Village Singer Songwriter and Psychedelic folk, Gun Mother explores the starker forms of storytelling to create an experience both melodic and poetic. The outfit was founded in the winter of 2015 as a means to carry an expressive light against the tyrannical snowfall.

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