Evil Sword

Evil Sword

I expected to find corpses, nothing more! But EVIL SWORD were still alive! It was awful! Frightening! By all rights they should have been dead! I'd never seen anything like it! The swaying figures stood there, their eyes burning, mesmerized by the ear shattering thunder of the drums! Pray that no one uncovers AN EERIE FIRE EATS THE BRAIN! Its got to stay inside the depths of the mausoleum forever! Just listen to the agonized wails that emanate from inside! Go now... while you still can!

Skeletal bass and drums, frenzied vocals, and lilting pennywhistle tell terrifying secrets this world is hiding. The forgotten mystery of the past. A dim cloud lit from behind by the moonlight, the whispering in the distance. Who is the king? The king is dead! That is why the drums beat so. Where are we? There is no way of knowing but let us tie a ribbon to this tree. Alternately lumbering stiffly or dancing in a trance. A beast gnawing on a bloody stump!

Ursula is self-proclaimed no-wave band from Philly

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