Dirty Purple

Dirty Purple

The Year End

The Year End began in the closing months of 2014 as founding members Nick Catka and Nate Hague came together with bassist Dan O'Donnell, with the goal of recording an EP together before O'Donnell moved away. The release gained the group a noteworthy local following as they began to play shows. In early 2015, bassist Luke Anderson joined, and as the group continued to write, guitarist Sean Williams was recruited later the next year. The Year End's music features heavy hitting guitar driven grooves that serve as a solid base for catchy hooks and powerful melodic passages. In a live setting, they are sure to leave listeners wide eyed and excited for more.

BEARD is an six piece group from Berklee College of Music that plays folky singer/songwriter tunes inspired by jazz harmony, worldly rhythms, and lyrics inspired by greats such as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. The primary purpose of our music is to impact the audience on an emotional level- and thereby allow the listener to better understand themselves and the world around them. Our sound is unique and genre bending; with members with backgrounds in Gospel, Bluegrass, RnB, Singer-Songwriter, Americana, and Classical we strive to create a sound that is new and sincere- something that can really grow on the listener.

Kerin Maguire

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