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“Kairos. is a Progressive Metal band from Charlotte, NC,” is how this bio would start if we wanted you to read all the information listed on our Facebook page. “Kairos has played with several metal giants, such as progressive juggernauts Symphony X, and long-time thrashers Overkill,” is how this bio would start if we wanted to list our achievements in an attempt to garner favor. However, since we approach things a little differently, we thought we would start our bio like this:

CHUG CHUGGA bana dana beenawww CHUG CHA-CHUG

That’s the sound of chunky progressive metal soup warming your cold, winter-ravaged heart (and by winter, of course, we mean top 40). The Kairos. brand of Progressive M3T4L breaks a fresh wind in the metal scene. One moment you are floating in the reverb-saturated ocean of emotional compromises, and the next, BAM! You are in the throws of a war between Leonidas and a group of squealing pigs.

Kairos began with a little old-fashioned basement jamming, complete with obligatory pizza and Family Guy. We’ve added members over the past few years and finally released our debut EP “The Hologram Project” in October of 2015. As a band local to Charlotte, we enjoy playing shows with other great bands and having the opportunity to meet new people and hear new music. Our sound is constantly evolving, rooted in the fertile grounds that are the progressive metal greats, but never forgetting our love of the br00talz. Thought-provoking music infused with groovy breakdowns and jazzy jingles are what our audiences have come to expect. We will be sure to keep your landscape changing on your visit to the world of Kairos.

Annabel Lee

September - 2010. The concept was merely that, just a concept, not yet a reality, but soon to become one. The initial idea was based around a metal-core sound; harmonized guitar riffs, clean vocal choruses, and of course mixing in some breakdowns. During the winter of 2011/2012 the band began playing live and recorded their debut release. Over the next year and a half live shows were the primary focus of the group which proved to pay off as the band found themselves quite busy and also were presented with a lot of opportunities to provide local support for national touring acts at some of the area’s largest venues.

Creative Differences/Hiatus:
After laying the foundation and building a solid fan base, the time had come where a new recording was in order. As material was being compiled for this recording tension began to grow and creative differences started to become apparent. These were trying times and caused the band to take a brief hiatus and ultimately led to losing a member and the band continuing on as a 4 piece.

Here and Now:
Annabel Lee is moving forward and feel that they are stronger than ever. There’s a whole new level of drive and determination with the group and a very bright future ahead of them.

Annabel Lee is:
Sid – Vocals
Jim – Guitars
Chad – Drums
Matt - Bass


Mooresville, NC based SKIN KAGE formed in early 2005. Their goal? Attacking the local metal scene with a ferocity that few could match. Skin Kage is heavy metal thrashcore, and were quickly turning heads around the area. Frank Brown (vocals) engages you with intimidation and extreme vocalization. Travis Donaldson (guitar) stirs together odd-time and unconventional rhythm patterns while David Phillips (guitar) adds a throat-grabbing style. He, along with Juston Greene (bass), add deep, dark components of a rhythm section to be reckoned with. Peavy (drums) applies old-school influenced abilities to lock down the wreckless fucking abandon that unites this entity... SKIN KAGE!

Skinkage is a diverse combination of all types of metal. We like producing a well rounded sound so everyone can enjoy us!! Our first album "THE DEVASTATION AT HAND" was focused on brutality, groove,technicality, & stretching it out just a bit with some singing vocals to add a melodic sound. The new album "AWAY WITH THE TIDE" is a more broadened version of the SK sound that u already know & love. To sum it up, the new album offers more groove, more intense brutality, more singing that helps put emphasis on melody, crafty well placed technicality, & tons of heavy big riffs to drive home a little of that southern metal sound that we love!!


Melodic metal from Greensboro, NC



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