Little Lesley and the Bloodshots, The Psycho Devilles, The Belmont Playboys

Little Lesley and the Bloodshots

Little Lesley & the Bloodshots have been taking the scene by storm with their dangerous twang and high energy live show. Hailing from New York City, they’ve been making waves and making friends around the world with their honest approach to Roots-Rockabilly, with notable appearances at Viva Las Vegas, Nashville Boogie, the Hotrod Hayride (UK) and The Summer Jamboree (IT).
Little Lesley, the feisty blond bombshell on standup bass and lead vocals, brings it every time with an incredible voice and jaw-dropping bass moves. Her impressive talent, fiery style and clever songwriting catch the attention and hearts of everyone who sees her perform.
A fire started when she met ex-cowboy and punk-rock-n-roll veteran Brian “Swifty“ Swift in Nevada. Swifty’s masterfully wild guitar style hooked Lesley and they ventured to NYC together where they found native Staten Islander Bobby Lee. Bobby’s big-band influenced drumming hopped up their guitar driven twangy Rockabilly sound.
With two independently released albums under their belt, Little Lesley & The Bloodshots were signed by the legendary Western Star Records of the United Kingdom.
The band now also has a home base in Greenville, SC and will be touring both East and West USA Coasts in 2017, and along with the UK and Europe.

The Belmont Playboys

Launched in 1989 -- no, really -- the Playboys are still kicking ass and taking names. They've played with just about everybody you could think of and at least two you would never have imagined. They've done six CD's and the latest one is their best yet -- which, I'm not sure what that means. They've toured everywhere, and don't care if it's a tiny bar or a fifteen-hundred seat hall. They are true to absolutely nothing but what they do, which ain't like what anybody else does. It ain't nostalgia, it ain't high art, it ain't pretentious, it ain't so groundbreaking as to be outside the bounds of anything you ever heard. It's rock and roll: plain, simple, neat, sweet, raucous, rowdy, fun, bouncy, lighthearted, and loud. If you ain't grinning by the end of the third song, you're missing the point. Either that, or they owe you money.

$8.00 - $10.00


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