Mike Mains

Formed in Texas, now residing in Michigan, this indie rock collective has spent the last four years making waves everywhere in between. Following the release of their debut album, Home, they've used their relentless touring, unique sound, and captivating performances to carve out a place for themselves in the hearts of indie rock music fans internationally. With a live show bursting with contagious energy and the promise of a follow-up record, Mike Mains & The Branches promises to be on the radar for 2013.

Sophomore album Calm Down, Everything Is Fine due for release early 2014.

Motherfolk started as Nathan Dickerson and Bobby Paver. The two college friends had both been writing songs, and when they brought them to each other, it became apparent that the themes lined up. Because of this, the writing project known as Motherfolk began. In 2013, the duo made frequent trips to Nashville to record their debut album at Dirty Denim Studio with producer Stephen Keech. In early 2014, Jacob Bremer and Rich Miller joined the band, completing the roster needed to perform live. In February of 2014, the debut Self-titled album was released. Since then, Motherfolk has toured all across the nation and have made a name for themselves and their incredibly high-energy live performances.

The original diving bell was a vessel of the sea, the first craft that enabled people to explore far beneath the surface of the deep. The diving bell was audacious, ingenious and deeply flawed, full of extraordinary promise and exceptional risk.

The new Diving Bell, on the other hand, is a Chicago indie rock band. That's much less awesome than a proto-submarine, but we aim to make music with the same spirit of ambitious invention and reckless exploration that defined the original.


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