Flat Mary Road, Dolores, Taxes, Repelican

Flat Mary Road

A band whose instrumentation is informed by the indie rock recordings of the late 1980s, whose vocals borrow from Appalachian folk and radio announcers, and whose lyrics seek to narrate American life both pastoral and urban. They're self-releasing their new full-length album "Driving with the Numen" on January 13th, 2017.


Indie/Psychy/Rock/Pop for you and yours.



Repelican is the project of Mobile Lounge founder Jonathan Ehrens. Jonathan began recording by himself in 1999 and eventually accumulated enough material to comprise a full- length album entitled "Mobile Lounge Presents: Repelican." Ehrens is the lone musician on the record, playing guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards as well as singing. Since its release, Jonathan has found a few musicians willing to perform his material live. Ehrens has recently completed another full-length album entitled "Anyone? Anyone?"



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