RATT'S Juan Croucier / KILLER DWARFS w/ Shaw

My name is Chad A. Shaw, and I'm a singer, songwriter, guitar player and drummer. I started out singing at age 3, in front of our family church. I've enjoyed any spot light and any chance to get in front of people since I could breathe. It's in my blood to entertain and I have always cherished any opportunity. I've been playing drums since I was 11 years old and was the drummer in 2 different bands. I then knew I was supposed to be the front man/vocalists and started picking up the guitar at age 18. I started a band and started writing all our music, and tried to encourage the band members that cover tunes are for the non songwriters. I've been writing for years and just released my first album under my new band name, which is self titled, "Shaw". I wrote all the music and lyrics and know that I have a winner. The bands name is my last name, because I will succeed no matter what parts are around me, even though I've surrounded myself with some of the best musicians on the planet. This first album is just a small morsel, of what I have in my arsenal, as far as, songwriting. My family and friends are calling me, "allspice", for the diverse style of rock/metal/acoustic rock. With diversity my shows will cater to all music genres. I was born to rock, and know this is my calling and I won't be denied!

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