Bill McCloskey, Ali Wadsworth, August John Lutz II

Bill McCloskey

For a man known as the Delco Destroyer, Bill McCloskey sure is a gentleman.  Buy him a drink, and he will engage you in genuine discussion.  He will hold the door for you and your lover and think nothing of the pending karmic gifts.  More than this, Bill McCloskey crafts a damn fine song.

John Lee Hooker once said he didn't "like no fancy chords, just the boogie".  Unlike Hooker, Bill McCloskey knows fancy chords, and uses them (in addition to common plebian chords) to great effect.  Bill presents well-written, witty and honest musical reflections on life and love inspired by various longitudes and latitudes of this world.  It's like Paul Simon in a leather jacket.  He's coming to Boot and Saddle onFebruary 28th.   So come on out, I bet he'll show you some of those fancy chords if you ask nicely.

Ali Wadsworth

Ali Wadsworth is the daughter of a rock musician/chemical engineer and a tapestry weaver. Life and her father's job brought her all over the world, including Moscow to study opera, musical theatre in exotic North Jersey and Jazz at The University of Vermont. Her rock band UNLIKELY COWBOY brought her to Philly, which split off into GOOD OLD WAR, and Ali joined forced with her sister and formed GOLDIEBOX and Philadelphia super-group FANTASY SQUARE GARDEN.

When these bands disbanded (as most bands do), Ali and her little sister Claire decided to give national television a try. The Wadsworth Sisters were asked to audition for NBC's The Voice, and spent the summer of 2012 living in a Los Angeles hotel singing and filming. Ali finished her first solo record with mega producer Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Floating Action, Man Man, The Sheepdogs) which is a collection of songs given to her by her favorite songwriters. Album was released October 5, 2013. Ali has appeared on countless records (Don McCloskey, Hoots and Hellmouth, Aaron and The Spell, Andrew Lipke, Good Old War, Toy Soldiers, Kalob Griffin Band, Big Terrible, Grand National, and many many more) and continues to pay the bills as a bartender/session musician. Currently she is recording an EP of her own songs with her killer new band Satellite Hearts.

August John Lutz II



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