Overlake, The Bigness, Rabbits To Riches, Wax Wav

Jersey City shoegazers Overlake formed in early 2012, and released their full-length debut, Sighs, on Killing Horse Records in April 2014. Their lush sound has been compared favorably to bands like My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tengo and Ride.

The Bigness

The Bigness draws its inspiration from the greats, such as Patti Smith, Neil Young and many others, and has been compared to a modern-day Fleetwood Mac.

On their latest album, Time Traveler, each song threads together with a common trait: the spotlight placed on Kristin Bigness’s impressive, diverse vocals in the forefront. The repertoire of the emotions she captures through her voice ranges from sweet sentiment to ferocious edge — but no matter which end of the spectrum she lands, her voice resonates with fierce confidence. Supported by her husband John Bueno’s masterful guitar work, and long-time friends, Stephen Maurer and David Kovach on bass and drums respectively, Bigness never stops shining.

Rabbits To Riches


WAX WAV is a DIY punk rock band from Philadelphia. Another one of those? Yes.

Featuring members of The Danger O's, Left Behind, A Victim of Good Times and Crills Wilson, WAX WAV has played loud music in front of people that compared what they heard to The Clash, The Replacements and Jawbreaker.

The debut "EP1" is available digitally now and will be released as a zine early in 2018

$8.00 - $10.00


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