Porter Nickerson

Porter Nickerson

Guitarist and singer/songwriter Willy Porter joins forces with vocalist and Iowa native

Carmen Nickerson to form Porter Nickerson—two unique artists, one unforgettable


Porter has been turning first time listeners into die-hard fans for more than two decades.

His blistering guitar playing, rich songwriting, and warm, playful performance style make

him a one-man triple threat. Nickerson is an ideal match. Her vocals add lush

harmonies to Porter’s songs, making them feel both fresh and timeless. The pair

collaborated on the 2013 EP Cheeseburgers and Gasoline and again on Porter’s 2015

record Human Kindness. In 2016 the duo performed as the featured musical guests on

NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion.

Porter Nickerson are excited to bring listeners the new disc, Bonfire to Ash, their first

album of original co-writes produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Ben Wisch

(March Cohn, Jonatha Brooke).

Bonfire to Ash charts experiences that bridge the intimate with the universal. From the

thirsty shoots of new love (“Old Red Barn”), to the urgency to save love from

skidding out of reach forever (“Loving On Her Mind”), and again in the anthemic

elegy to relationships and legacies forged in America’s heartland on the song

“Living Proof.” Porter and Nickerson perfect a unique dialogue through the songs

on this record that carries over into their unassailable stage chemistry.

Together these highly accomplished artists take audiences on a unique musical ride full

of heart, grit, energy, and fun that showcases the best of what live music has to offer.

Press Quotes:

"Ash burns brightest when Porter and Nickerson share their voices and different

perspectives of a lonely relationship on "Echo of Love."" -Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal


“He’s an amazing guitar player, singer and songwriter. (Carmen Nickerson)

produces a very smooth, accurate harmonic blend with him. Did I say I liked this?

I REALLY do.” –Al Kooper, music legend/producer on Cheeseburgers and


“Willy is an entertaining performer, an excellent guitarist, and someone who obviously

loves what he does.” –No Depression

“Willy bursts through our traditional ideas of singer songwriters by breaking through the

clutter. Willy needs to be heard.” -Bruce Warren, WXPN

“Porter accentuates well - rendered tales with spit - fire - percussive acoustic guitar

strumming and fiery color - chord picking." -Billboard

$20.00 - $26.00


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