The Beautiful Ones

"flowers are forever" tape coming January 2014

"Birth of Desire" out now on 6131 Records

Violent and deafening.
NOMADS are a "punk band" in the same way that an intercontinental ballistic missile is a "bomb." Mix the confrontational aggression of Black Flag with the stripped-down simplicity of English act Discharge with the glorious cacophony of Sweden's more recent crop of d-beat noisemeisters such as Disfear and Martyrdöd, and you've got Nomads, who might just be L.A.'s next big thing. Listening to one of their records is akin to having your eardrums punctured with an anvil. Hearing them live is even more intense. Things get rowdy real fast. Their frontman, who just goes by Michael, sings like a man who fully believes each breath might be his last. They play pretty much every weekend (check their site), but you'd best get there early: Their sets frequently clock in at less than 10 minutes. Consider bringing a helmet.


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