Jazz Night with the BABA orchestra, Echo Corps, Thumpasaurus

Jazz Night

the BABA orchestra

the BABA orchestra is a 17-piece big band performing original instrumental compositions under the direction of Lauren Elizabeth Baba.

BABA recorded its first full length album in August 2016.

Lauren Baba is a violinist, violist, composer and arranger living in Los Angeles. She studied jazz and improvised music at Saddleback College and California Institute of the Arts, at which time she received the 2012 ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer for her original composition 144.

Echo Corps

The Echo Corps is an alternative brass group which was started by Joe Santa Maria in 2014. Drawing on varied musical influences from his personal experience, the group dances between modern Jazz ensemble writing and South American groove. Started at first as a fusion of his electronic music influences with American jazz and world music studies, it has evolved into a far reaching project which allows Joe to explore the many dimensions of his musical personality. For this performance the compositions focus on openness, intensity, and vibrant ethereal sentiment. An album has been in the works for several years and this performance marks a significant milestone in the development of the material. Please visit Joe's personal Bandcamp site to view the demo for his upcoming release "Echo Deep" as well as other past projects.


In the beginning there was Thump.

$7.00 - $10.00


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