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Zero Holds

ZERO HOLDS. Zero holds barred, hold nothing back! This was the hard fought consensus reached when the arduous band name debate was finally over. There's no shortage of rock bands in Massachusetts, nevermind New England, the area is as artistically rich as they come. Zero Holds needed a name suited to their newly founded, sharper edged creative sword of a rock and roll four-piece.

"Zero holds space for bigger numbers, bigger things to come. The potential is absolutely limitless when it comes to us filling that space and defining this name." Says Joe Touchette, who takes care of punchy rhythm guitar and main vocal duties in ZH. "It's like having a fresh chance, and the proper platform to convey our little message to the world. It becomes clearer a bit more each day, that in life you have to take risks, work really hard, and fight infinitely for the things that you love. Anything goes at this point, no holding back."

For the band formerly known as THE ROMAN NUMERAL THREE, a neo-trashy fuzz-rock outfit, the page has turned with the addition of drummer Tyler Leadbetter. The group is anxiously attempting to unify their efforts in creating a faster paced, more rapacious sound honoring their punk and cult rock idols such as Alkaline Trio, Misfits, Hot Water Music, Social Distortion etc.

Lead guitarist Mike Rague is pursuing a new direction with ZH. He is taking a slightly more aggressive rock and roll approach, citing influences from a wide mix of bands such as Dredg, Interpol, Ramones, but also nods heavily in his lead play to stoner rock icons Zeppelin, Floyd, and The Cure. "While Joe holds down the rhythm, I aim to add the texture and body to it, whether its ambient or melodic. All of that usually builds up to a powerful chanting chorus part that the crowd can get in on, we have fun with it."

Zero Holds will build upon the community vibe and enthusiasm generated during their time as college age keg party rockers (in Roman Numeral) to explore new, and more pressing issues of ambition, maturity, and giving meaning to what they do.

As a whole, Zero Holds' energetic, punk-influenced sound is now more politically and socially aware, with big anthems of both victory and tragedy. Touchette's lyrics evoke the fragility of success and the friendships that buoy us in defeat.

The Struggle EP will be the band's self released five song debut.

"This EP is about figuring out what that proverbial good fight is, as much as actually fighting it", Joe explains. "How we aim for the best and still sometimes lose, and who the people are that lift us up when we fall." Bassist and vocalist John Thomas adds "The struggle is about the freedom to create, and how we pursue that freedom. It's about moving forward through obstacles, and not letting anything hold you back."

That forward momentum is reflected in the up tempo, gang vocal choruses that anchor the songs on the EP and shore up their live performance. "We're about that connection you feel when everyone is singing along, because every one of us in the room has been right there where you are," Rague adds. "Moving forward, even if we have to carry one another, that's what this EP is all about."

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