Birdtalker is made up of Zack and Dani Green, Andy Hubright, Brian Seligman, and Jesse Baker. Zack and Dani were married in 2012 and soon after their wedding tr...ied writing a couple songs together. They liked it, so they wrote a couple more. Andy, a friend from college and very talented drummer, was into the songs and started beating on stuff while Zack and Dani played them. It sounded good. While these 3 were playing the songs at Shakespeare in the Park one August afternoon, Brian became interested in adding his immense talent to the mix as well and began playing along with mandolin and guitar. It sounded even better. Birdtalker as these 4 members wrote and practiced for about a year when yet another talented friend and Birdtalker's biggest fan, Jesse, expressed interest in lending his bass sounds to the band. It is the combination of each member's specific offerings that gives Birdtalker the life and sound that it now possesses. And it doesn't hurt that they all like each other a heck of a lot, too.

Zack and Dani write songs as a way to share ideas they care about and sentiments they feel deeply. Playing music has proven to be a powerful avenue for connection and communion, within the band as well as with listeners. Birdtalker's hope is simply that the more music they write and share, the more true and vulnerable interactions may be born from it.

Jake McMullen

Jake McMullen is an LA native singer-songwriter moved to Nashville to continue writing and recording just a few years’ ago and has quickly found himself writing honestly about facing the ambiguity of life, loneliness, and the hunt for tranquility amidst our inner chaos.

Jake strives to write with humility and sincerity that set in place a charmingly somber and ambient theme for his music. Crafting his songs this way doesn’t mean Jake lives there perpetually, in the trenches, defining the trials we face as untreatable. His songs are his way out—always the answer. He’s telling us that he’s a realist, a purist, and ultimately an optimist, but that sometimes we as humans can’t understand why we feel a certain way, or articulate what it is that is pulling us down.

Jake’s songs drive his listeners to an immediate and unexpected self-dialogue; to introspection. They force one to go to the place within themselves where they wouldn’t normally go, the place that draws out the tough questions we have for ourselves, but have neglected to ask.

After the success of his Always EP, released last year, with over 2M plays, Jake has most recently found himself in a place where he is now determined to create a new sonic world beyond the ‘folk’ scene. He chooses not to put himself in a ‘box’ and wants to ignore genre and what is current in a world of ‘originality’ being mistaken for ‘conformity’ but instead is looking within to discover what is unique about himself.

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