Foreseen, Red Death, Passion, Eaten alive, Shadow of Lies


Appearing from out of Pensacola, FL, the band climbed into the 1997 global progressive metal scene with their debut album, "Prophet's Dream". They established themselves once more in 2001 with their sophomore release, "Soulless Age". The band combines a myriad of unique influences to create one melodically aggressive sound, which can only be described as Foreseen. Each song
is a culmination of talents from Gary Humphrey, Michael Lukers and Joe Hammond. The band is diligently working on their latest opus with a new addition in the frontman position. The current songwriting process joins together Gavin Meagher's inspiring vocals with Foreseen's undeniable signature sound, to produce body-moving grooves and thought provoking subjects. With standout tracks like "Prophet's Dream, Twilight Winter and Soulless Age" under their collective belt and future crowd pleasers as "Only The Wicked, So Far Gone and Mr. Hyde", don't be surprised to find Foreseen on the progpower radar and beyond.

Red Death



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