Scallops Hotel (Milo)

Scallops Hotel (Milo)

Scallops Hotel (experimental set from Milo)
A rights of passage through an art form usually insists that the ego be destroyed and reimagined. With rap the ego is never destroyed, it’s given an arena to be re-contextualised, re-informed all in service of hailing its genesis. The beginnings of black men has set the gold standard for our systemic injustice, and forging genius with nothing in the same breath. So retracing our collective woe is the only instruction a black person needs to lock into a timeless feeling. In the Scallops Hotel, sounds and melody are drawn from feeling then placed along a sequence that coalesces into a train of thought, then eventually, a personal culture. Maintaining this space finds Rory replacing the anxiety abacus with crash courses in the language of fading afternoons. A stay there is meant to be an in-between but ends up sagging in the memory and coloring all that follows.

NAH is a producer/drummer currently located in Philadelphia. Blending live and programmed drums with off-kilter sequenced elements, found sounds, and heavily manipulated samples. NAH produces anxiety-laden tracks and sound collages with firm roots planted in DIY punk, noise, avant jazz, and the restlessness of hip-hop. Since 2011 NAH has produced nearly 30 releases and performed all over the US, UK, Europe, Iceland, Israel, and more. 

Born in Queens and raised in Long Island, longtime Brooklyn resident ELUCID is New York's best-kept secret. He's worked with some of indie hip-hop's most celebrated artists: Open Mike Eagle, Tanya Morgan, J*Davey, Beans from Antipop, milo, billy woods, Busdriver, Small Professor and Rob Sonic, amongst others. He's put out a few mixtapes and a couple collaborative projects—as part of Cult Favorite with A.M. Breakups, and Armand Hammer with billy woods—but never a solo album. Until now.

Visitor 10

Visitor 10 is a collaborative, shamanistic, hip-hop, performance art experiment where, SSengam Niloc (a fluctuating, facial-facade, four-warning, apocalyptic, time-traveling, wizard) utilizes ten masks known as "The MasKures Family” to embody several properties of the "archetypal human". Doing so they unfold an enchanting demonstration of reflection and imagination via oral and visual story telling. Accompanied with music produced by a myriad of different producers and musicians including themselves, the audience is often in for a surprise.



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