Beans on Toast

Beans On Toast isn't just your average folk singer songwriter - he is a modern one-man band, taking charge of all aspects of his music career, whether it be writing, recording and playing, taking his own press shots, making his own merch and artwork, or shooting his own videos. He is a true DIY artist with true DIY ideals. How refreshing! He's crafted seven studio albums now, the latest entitled Rolling Up the Hill. There's something special about someone who releases an album on his birthday every year – as if each 1 December is a chance for him to give us what he's learned, what he's felt and feared. He assesses his life through music and puts it out as a celebration that he's made it another year. There's nothing average about his insight or his delivery. Once a Beans fan, always a Beans fan – he's not changing for anyone but himself.

The Old Edison

The Old Edison was the original power plant in the working-class town of South Boston, adapted by Will, Rory, Jima, and Liam, kids who grew up in its shadow; four strong blooded Irish who grew up blue collar grasping at any chance they could get their filthy hands on. Their youth was characterized by hard times where they found solace, friends, and unity in the punk rock scene. All playing their part in different bands throughout the years, soon they found themselves living under the same roof and realizing their common interest in the songs and sounds of yesteryear. They came together with the common goal of bringing honesty and heart back to the forefront. With constant change a part of life, after Jima left the band to pursue schooling, They added both Catherine, a well accomplished fiddle and whistle player with accolades of many twice her age, and Squall, a well established local solo act as well as strong bass player.

The music is stripped down and raw, letting the soul shine true. Influenced by roots, folk, and country music; they tried to combine this sound with the spirit of the music they grew up with. The songs are heartfelt and straight forward, sung of hope, loss, anger, belief, love, insanity, and triumph. Each with the quality of being sung along to with friends. In these times of dishonesty and fear, the band finds their strength in the music and hopes you can to; the only way to make it through is with the help of those around you.

Grab a beer, raise your voice, and enjoy!

Troll 2 is an acoustic band from Boston. They're pretty cool. They started out kind of as the house band of this arts collective type place called the Monkey Palace. There'd be shows there, and open mics, and that's really where it all started. Brian Fitzgerald used to live there, he's the upright bass player in Troll 2. He's really good. He and Chris O'Grady knew each other from way back, and they'd played together before. Their original idea was to do an acoustic doom metal band, but that kind of changed a little bit somewhere down the line. Chris is the guitar player, he's a little weird. He's also writing this bio right now, and he's getting a little uncomfortable with all this writing in third-person so let's move on. Mark Files Schwaller joined the band next. He's a wicked good guitar player he thought he'd try something different, so he's playing the mandolin. I think it's working out pretty well. And then Zoe-Rose Scott de Paz joined the band. She's this amazing singer and fiddle player. There's no lead singer. That's too much pressure.

Miketon & The Nightblinders

Miketon and The Night Blinders are a five piece band from New England who play original folk/country/garbage grass music.

Vocals, Guitar / Miketon Graton

Fiddle / Cameron Mason Smith Rapoport

Bass / Mike Bastek

Banjo / Mark Williams

Percussion / Lee

$10.00 - $12.00

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