Pray for Sound

Pray for Sound started as a solo studio project by Bruce Malley in late 2011. Earlier in Bruce's life, doctors discovered a large destructive cyst called a cholesteatoma growing inside his left ear. After repeated surgical removal of the cyst and reconstruction of his ear, he was left with severe hearing loss, tinnitus, and reoccurring pain. Inspired by this struggle, Bruce translated these emotional experiences into the music and artwork that make up Pray for Sound's debut album, Monophonic.

Shortly after releasing Monophonic, in September of 2012, Joe Aylward, Chris LaRocque, Nick Stewart, and Steve Aliperta were added to the mix to create an intense live experience with a monstrous sound and an intricate light show. After immediately meshing as band and playing a handful of successful shows in the greater Boston area, the new members began bringing unique song ideas to the table. "With three guitarists and all five band members contributing, we have the opportunity to create huge, atmospheric songs that really push boundaries", Malley explains. 23:55, the band's first single written by all five members, tells the story of the end of the world. The song features heavy riffs, melodic leads, and dueling drums that create an eerie tension throughout.

Less than a year after becoming a band, Pray for Sound set out on their first DIY tour, playing 11 shows in 12 days throughout the North East United States. After returning from the tour, the band collectively decided to focus on writing new material for their second major release, Dreamer. Dreamer is a seven song full length clocking in at just over 33 minutes, with each track representing a different dream state. This time around, Pray for Sound took an ambitious approach by experimenting with more synth and keyboard sounds, as well as working with additional musicians to add vocals, violin, and viola. With influences all over the map, Pray for Sound created an eclectic set of songs that express a roller coaster of emotions. Dreamer was originally released digitally, on CD, and on cassette (via Flesh and Bone Records) on July 9th, 2014.

Shortly after Dreamer's release, Pray for Sound inked a deal with Science of Silence records joining bands such as Set and Setting, If These Trees Could Talk, Junius, and more to release Dreamer on vinyl. The limited-edition vinyl will be available in three color variants: white (200), purple/clear swirl (150), and magenta/clear swirl (150) on November 18th, 2014.

We are an indie rock/punk band from Massachusetts.

A Day Without Love

A Day Without Love has existed in many forms. Started as a solo act by frontman Brian Walker during his college years, the music took on the shape of a full-band when Walker collaborated with Philadelphia producer Jake Detwiler in 2013. The resulting debut EP, "Island", was a sharp contrast from the mellow acoustic musings that Walker had leaned on in the past - it was aggressive, grungy, and energetic.

Since then, A Day Without Love has seen a rotating cast of musicians surround the singer/songwriter for a handful of short releases ("Confessions of the Innocent Mind" (2014) "A Day Without Oscar" split EP(2014) , Songs for the Lonely(2015) , Young Professionals(2015).

In 2015 and 2016 A Day Without Love has played SXSW, signed to Sounds and Tones Records releasing a rerelease of Island (2013) via cassette and has been consistently touring the northeast area of the us and parts of the south. The band has done a crowd-funded fundraiser for Erika’s Lighthouse, has spoken about the importance of mental health awareness at shows, and has done a 90 covers in 90 days challenge via YouTube to bring awareness about mental health. After doing this challenge, A Day Without Love recorded a 13-song debut LP entitled, Solace that has been released August 30th, 2016.

Francesca Shanks

My new album, I Am Walking Away, was released on Nov. 4, 2016. My first album, Wolf Island, came out in 2015.

My band mate is Joe Aidonidis. He plays keys, drums and sleigh bells. I play ukulele. It’s a sight to see.

I book shows near and far. Email for booking. Here’s what Sounds and Tones says about me:

Francesca Shanks’ primary instrument is baritone ukulele, but don’t pigeonhole her as a quirky girl who sings cute songs. Shanks’ writing is tight with metaphor and naked with intent, nostalgia and longing, evoking artists like Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, John K. Samson and Kathleen Hanna.

Shanks’ aim is to use songwriting to explore the gray areas integral to our humanity. Her songs are direct and conversational, circling around themes of nature, god, waiting, death and time: Birds swoop through words about love and divination, muddy water carries away lost innocence and the claws of a cat are ridden into the night sky.

Shanks has always been a writer (she’s now logged several years as a reporter, editor and columnist), and spent her early years in various bands, from keyboard-driven no-wave to harmonic freak-folk.

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